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    Tina slowly opened her eyes and smiled when she smelt Bette’s perfume, she could feel her touch. Tina rolled onto her back and smiled at Bette. it was amazing to her that she no longer had to dream to see Bette, she was there in front of her.

    “Are you okay Babe?” Bette asked as she lent down and gently kissed Tina hello.

    “I felt drained today,” Tina admitted, “I just needed to rest,”

    Bette cocked her head to one side, she ran her fingers down Tina’s face.

    “Is this normal?”

    “Yes, it can be. I’m sorry I should have warned you, oh crap I’ve not made you any dinner.” Tina suddenly felt guilty and went to sit up but she was still drained and weak. Bette stopped her.

    “It’s fine I will call the kitchen. Don’t worry, Tina if you need to rest then please rest”

    “When I was taking pain killers all the time after…well…it’s done more damage than I expected. I have days like this. I have to listen to my body,”

    “Well listen to it now please stay in bed babe.”

    “Are you sure?”

    “Listen to me, I’m the president my word is law.”

    “That doesn’t work with me Bette,” Tina smiled as she sat up against her pillows and took Bette’s hand gently paying with her long fingers.

    “Well it should, I’m your President too,” Bette smiled softly as she spoke.

    Tina looked at her

    “You are my President, but you are also my lover, my woman, my best friend, the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

    “I couldn’t think of anyone else I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

    “Good, Listen I know we’ve been outed in the worst way,”

    “Mmm I’m getting to the bottom of that one,”

    “I thought you might be, but listen. I know you want us to do a photo shoot together and that’s fine. I love you Bette. I regret we’ve not had the last seventeen years but I want to be with you.”

    “Good because I’ve got every intension of being with you.”  Bette kissed her softly. She could see in Tina’s eyes that she was tried. “Right let me sort dinner out.”

    “I want a salad please babe nothing heavy.”

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    1. This is a very interesting story. Really trying to anticipate how Madam President will help Tina regain as much of her mental toughness back as possible. She’s going to have to develop the ability to reach deep within for strength that overcomes!!!

    2. Ok, great chapter as expected. Who on the Presidents staff would give that type of personal information to the general public? That said, whoever it is is not loyal to Bette and clearly does not have her best interest in mind. They should be immediately removed from their post. I understand if Tina was an ax murderer or some other kind of felon that the people would probably have a right to know, but I’m sure when Bette told Dani that she would let the people know bits of her personal life as she and Tina were ready Dani would make sure the rest of the staff know not to let any info out until approved by the president. Whoever it is should be named and find it hard to find another position of any kind for not being being able to keep sensitive information under wraps.

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