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    “Okay. Do you want a protein with it,”

    “Yeah chicken would be lovely babe,”

    “I will do that, warm or cold?”

    “Warm and can I have some dressing on the side please. I better have some juice.”

    “Right let me call the kitchen. I love you.”

    “I love you too,”



    “When you feel like this, please. Tell me in future. I got scared when I came home.”

    “Why?” Tina asked, frowning slightly worried.

    “the silence, since you moved in there has always been music, or the tv on or something. You know. And it was odd when It was so quiet.”

    “You were scared I’d gone?” Tina asked softly,

    “Yes,” Bette whispered.

    Tina kissed Bette’s fingers

    “I’m not going anywhere. I’m here, on your side. I’m sorry I scared you.”

    Bette smiled softly before kissing Tina’s lips again.

    “I’m going to sort you food out. I love you babe,”

    “I love you.” Tina smiled softly as she switched on the TV and started channel hopping as Bette called the kitchen and placed an order for them. She walked around the kitchen making fresh juice for Tina. Something she could do, and wanted to do. She wanted her woman to be healthy and happy. She needed to get Tina to a full medical. She wanted to know as much as she could about Tina’s health to ensure that she could help her as much as possible.


    The White House

    The Residency

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia



    Tina woke suddenly, she sat up, looking around. Bette was sleeping peacefully beside her. She took a deep breath. She could feel that her body was shaking. She looked at the scars on her arms, seeing her hands were shaking slightly. She needed to calm down. Why was she so scared all of sudden. Was it because she had Bette back. Was she scared of losing her again.

    Tina slowly got out of bed and walked into the bathroom, she washed her face.  Looking at herself in the mirror. She still sore the scared, lost and confused woman she had been for so long. she couldn’t hide herself from Bette. she knew that. Bette loved her. She felt it. She knew it. She wanted it more than anything in the world but she still felt lost. She felt the tears running down her face. Her body shaking as she cried.

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    1. This is a very interesting story. Really trying to anticipate how Madam President will help Tina regain as much of her mental toughness back as possible. She’s going to have to develop the ability to reach deep within for strength that overcomes!!!

    2. Ok, great chapter as expected. Who on the Presidents staff would give that type of personal information to the general public? That said, whoever it is is not loyal to Bette and clearly does not have her best interest in mind. They should be immediately removed from their post. I understand if Tina was an ax murderer or some other kind of felon that the people would probably have a right to know, but I’m sure when Bette told Dani that she would let the people know bits of her personal life as she and Tina were ready Dani would make sure the rest of the staff know not to let any info out until approved by the president. Whoever it is should be named and find it hard to find another position of any kind for not being being able to keep sensitive information under wraps.

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