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    Bette heard the soft sobs and woke, she looked around seeing that the light in the bathroom was on. She clicked on her bedside lamp and threw the sheets off herself. She walked into the bathroom and saw Tina holding onto the sink sobbing. It broke her heart at once. She walked up behind Tina and wrapped her arms around her holding her close.

    “I’m here,” Bette whispered, as Tina cried.

    “I…don’t…deserve you…”Tina whispered.

    “Well that’s bull crap.” Bette said,

    Tina turned in Bette’s arms and held her close.

    “I really don’t…”

    “Tina I love you, I’ve loved you for twenty four years. That’s never changed. We have changed but our love hasn’t. you deserve me and us, and I’m going to spend the rest of my fucking life showing you. you’re my world. i want you to see  my medial staff.”


    “Tina, the last seventeen years have taken a mental and physical toll on you. more so than me. I want the best for you. please, let them do a full medical on you before our world gets crazy and that affects your mental health. I want to stop that. I want to know if you’re being pushed too far, too quickly. I want to protect you. I never want you to feel alone,”

    “I have this dark place in my mind and I’m trying so hard to stay away from it.”

    “Let me help, please. Let me give you light.”

    “I love you so much.” Tina held onto Bette.

    “I love you too,”  Bette kissed the side of Tina’s head before gently bring her back to bed. She had to protect this woman at all costs and she was willing to do it.


    The White House

    The Residency

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia



    Bette watched as her chef medical officer spoke with Tina. He had done a full medical with her and Bette had learnt more about Tina in those moments that she had known living with her. Tina’s medical records show her dark history over the last seventeen years and some of it had shocked Bette.

    The doctor got up and looked at Bette.

    “Madam President, Tina’s stress levels need to remain low. From her medical records she’s struggled with mental health issues for years and she’s on all the correct medication. Which she needs to take regularly. She needs to keep up with her heathy eating and excuse. Tina appears to be able to read her own body well. She has nerve damage in her arms from her suicide attempted and this can lead to a slight shake when put under pressure. I will see Tina again in a month, I want to keep an eye on her.”

    “Thank you,” Bette said slowly, looking at Tina who was rolling the selves down. Bette watched her for a moment as the doctor packed his stuff away and showed himself out. Bette walked over and sat on the coffee table looking at Tina.

    “Do you feel better now you know my medical stuff?” Tina asked softly. She knew that Bette loved to be in control.

    “I feel better understanding more about your health and the risks of everything you’ve been through.” Bette said as she took Tina’s hand and kissed her fingers.

    “I didn’t want to scare you,”

    “I need to know limits Ti, you know that. I’m a public figure now. I don’t want you to be put a position that scares you or hurts you in some way. The last thing I want now is to lose you babe, I’ve just got you back in my life,”

    “I’m not going anywhere B.”

    “I know but…”

    “I get it, I do. I’m glad you understand a little more.”

    “We are going to walk this path together from now on,” Bette said grinning.

    “Okay,” Tina smiled. Before she slowly got up. “You have a country to run and I’ve got edits to read.”

    “Are you dismissing the President?” Bette said, getting up and looking at her woman.

    “It would appear I am,”

    “You’re the only person in the world that can do that you know,”

    “I’ve got to have some powers.” Tina laughed, as she got up to head into the study,

    Bette watched her go and knew that Tina needed time alone she took a deep breath before she picked up her brief case and headed downstairs.

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    1. This is a very interesting story. Really trying to anticipate how Madam President will help Tina regain as much of her mental toughness back as possible. She’s going to have to develop the ability to reach deep within for strength that overcomes!!!

    2. Ok, great chapter as expected. Who on the Presidents staff would give that type of personal information to the general public? That said, whoever it is is not loyal to Bette and clearly does not have her best interest in mind. They should be immediately removed from their post. I understand if Tina was an ax murderer or some other kind of felon that the people would probably have a right to know, but I’m sure when Bette told Dani that she would let the people know bits of her personal life as she and Tina were ready Dani would make sure the rest of the staff know not to let any info out until approved by the president. Whoever it is should be named and find it hard to find another position of any kind for not being being able to keep sensitive information under wraps.

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