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    Helping Hands

    Bette drove along the long road which lead to the house on the outer limits of LA, she knew that Tina hadn’t sleep well the night before and was now sleeping in their SUV. Her wife had had terrible doubts which had crept in as the evening had gone on. Bette knew she had to get her home, safe, away from the world that scared her wife so deeply.

    Bette knew she had managed to drum up her own business, the artist she had offered a show to had emailed her in the middle of the night, coping in a PA service, which Bette knew, to say they wanted to do the show at her gallery and Bette knew that would be great for business. She also knew that the event would have drummed up a lot of business and interest her wife. The piece now hanging in the White House was one of her finest yet and she hoped that Tina could handle what was bound to come her way.

    Bette slowed the car and hit the button in the car to open the security gates onto their property. She sat and watched the games open before pulling in and watching them close behind the car and then driving down the long drive way to the house. They had been gone for three days, but for Tina it had felt like three weeks emotionally. She needed to be home, she needs to be back in her safe space.

    Bette clicked the car off and looked at the passenger seat at her sleeping wife before looking back at her sleeping son, she couldn’t help but laugh, they both slept the same. She shook her head, before getting out, as soon as she closed the door Tina opened her eyes.

    Tina looked around for a moment before a slow smile spread on her lips. She was home. She was back where she wanted to be, she slowly got out of the car and took a deep breath of the clean hills air. She smiled when she saw that Bette was opening the house. She felt relaxed. She opened the car door and picked up her son, who snuggled into her but didn’t wake, he hadn’t enjoyed the plane ride home and it had taken it out of him. Bette knew it was because he could pick up on his mothers tension.

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    1. Well, that is a smart idea…. frees Tina up to paint and let Roman deal with the clerical work. Does Tina do her own framing? She’s talented if she does.

      I’m sure that Bette is going to be please with Tina’s selection of a new PA.

      Thanks for the chapter…..

    2. I was thinking the same thing….Tina now has a “James”! I liked this chapter.. Tina admitting she needs help. Makes the phone call to ask for help, took courage. Then, asking for Roman to come the next day to what turns into an easy conversation given her anxiety issues. I enjoyed reading this and felt hopeful for her.

    3. Great update!

      So glad that Tina is finally getting some help for her business – Roman seems like a great selection & will provide some much needed stress relief to Tina.

      She is starting to take more responsibility & showing growth.

      Looking forward to your next post!!!

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