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    “No, no, please let me go,”

    “Beg all you want Tina it’s not going to work, He threw her to the ground, Tina landed hard.


    “You what? You want to mock me, make me look bad. Ruin me. People will think I’m not man enough for you,”

    Tina didn’t answer, he kicked her in the stomach,

    “Please,” She whispered

    “You want me to look bad.”

    “We’re not married. We are divorce. You can’t do this to me anymore,” Tina said pulling herself up using a stool next to her.

    Samuel moved forward and punch her hard, it was the first time he had ever hit in her face, she fell back down, her lip was busted open. She looked up at him

    “You’re mine, you will always be mine don’t you understand that?”

    “I’m not.”

    The moment the words were out of her mouth she regrated it. He kicked her repeatedly.

    “What do you not understand, Tina?” He demanded. “You married me, you’re mine.”

    “We…” Tina coughed blood coming up, “Are…divorced.”

    There was banging on the door.

    “Ms Kennard,” It was her security man Jim from downstairs. “Ms Kennard, are you okay?”

    She couldn’t’ move and Samuel was frozen to the spot no one had ever come knocking when he was this angry. He was tyring to calm down, he walked over to the door and found Jim, a young man and two police officers with him.

    “What can I do for you?”

    “You are?” Jim asked,

    “Samuel Preston.”

    Tina pulled herself up and stumbled into the hall, the moment the police saw her, they pushed Samuel into the wall, as Tina hit the floor, blood running from her mouth. Jim moved forward.

    “Ms Kennard,”

    “Fuck her, she’s a whore,” Samuel yelled. “She got what she needed, a beating.”

    “Shut up,” One of the police officers said, pulling Samuel out of the apartment.

    Bette pulled up outside of Tina’s apartment building and looked shocked when she saw Samuel being put into the back of a cop car. She knew then something was wrong. She paid the metre and ran into the building and up to Tina’s apartment. The door was open and Tina was sat in the hall, she was beaten and bleeding. A young man was with her.

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    1. Tina-calling Bette is good, but calling to police is better. And second – why you ever allow your ex-husband to go with you in your apartment? Calling the police immediately, not invite him to your place

    2. I agree with Zhenya… Tina heard Samuel before she got the baby out of the car. Crawl into the car with keys in your hand, shut the door and lock the damn doors with the automatic key lock and call the police…stay in the car until police arrive. Take out a restraining order… and always have a damn frying pan handy. Cut off all communications with this guy….

      Now…. this is not very entertaining…. With this kind of violence, warnings should be posted.

    3. It’s always a joy when UK updates a story. as she has great plots. As for Tina’s situation she should always carry a knife with her and pepper spray with her especially since Sam is now out on bail. She should also keep her cellphone close at hand. If he wants to access her apartment she should look through the peephole first.. He is maniacal and a stalker. Get the RO now Tina. Hopefully Bette will have him taken out.

    4. Serious story line, i feel so with Tina and all the other women and yes, also man who are or were in a abusive relationship.

      Very good she called Bette but maybe she should have called the police, Tina had to decide in a splitt second and she called the one she trust, Bette.

      Samuel will get very angry when it comes out he was arrested for battery and more angry that Tina comes out and confirm she is in a relationship with Bette. They should be very carefull and maybe ask for protection.

      Interesting story, i like it!

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