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    “I’m in a new relationship which was the reason that Samuel came to see me today,”

    “Who is the lucky guy?” Claire asked, she loved gossip. Plus any news on Tina sold magazines.

    “Erm, I’m not dating a man,”

    “Sorry what?”

    “I’m dating a woman,”

    “You’re gay now?”

    “I’m bi-sexual,” Tina said slowly. “I’m dating Bette Porter,”

    “The Gallery owner?” Claire asked slowly.

    “Yes, erm Bette and I have been dating for about a month,”

    “A month, you’ve kept this juiciness to yourself for a month,”

    “I wasn’t ready to broadcast it but seems like I have no choice.” Tina said slowly.

    “We have been asked to comment on what’s going on. What do you want me to say?” Claire asked,

    Tina looked at Bette and smiled,

    “It’s up to you, I would yell from the roof tops you’re my girlfriend if I could,” Bette smiled.

    Tina nodded.

    “We tell the truth, it’s time. I need to help women who have been in my situation. It’s time to be open and honest.”

    “Are you sure about this?”

    “Yes, yes it’s time I stop letting him get away with this. The Me Two movement happened it’s time I stood up and said I’m a survivor of domestic abuse.”

    “We can do this. As long as you’re sure,”

    “Claire I’m 100 per cent sure and before you ask yes you can tell them I’m bi-sexual and currently dating a woman, they’ve been saying it for a month because every press photo recently has been me with Bette, Molly and Ethan,”


    “Bette’s daughter,”

    “Ready made family,” Claire laughed, “I’ll draft a statement and email it over too you, change what you want approve it and send it back okay?”

    “Sure thing,”

    “Speak later,” With that Claire hung up the phone

    “You’re coming out,” Bette asked, as Tina turned in her arms and hugged her. She needed the closeness.

    “I know we’ve not, well you know yet.”

    “You mean had sex?”


    “It will happen with time, “

    “This feels right, holding you feels right I want to be with you, I’m sorry today happened,”

    “I’m sorry it happened to you, but it’s brought us closer,” Bette took a deep breath, “We need to get you in a hot bath to make sure all the bruising comes out,”

    “Erm,” Tina said softly, “I’m not usually shy about my body but with you…”

    “With me?”

    “I’m going to need help getting in and out o the tub Bette, I’m in so much pain. It’s just the first time you’re going to see…”

    “Hey, you’re a beautiful woman, don’t worry. I will run you a bath. You stay here and enjoy your tea, I’ll come and get you when it’s ready okay?”

    “Okay,” Tina whispered.

    Bette kissed her forehead and walked away shaking her head. She hated what Samuel had done to this woman. She wanted to ‘fix’ her and she knew there wasn’t going to be any quick fix.

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    1. Tina-calling Bette is good, but calling to police is better. And second – why you ever allow your ex-husband to go with you in your apartment? Calling the police immediately, not invite him to your place

    2. I agree with Zhenya… Tina heard Samuel before she got the baby out of the car. Crawl into the car with keys in your hand, shut the door and lock the damn doors with the automatic key lock and call the police…stay in the car until police arrive. Take out a restraining order… and always have a damn frying pan handy. Cut off all communications with this guy….

      Now…. this is not very entertaining…. With this kind of violence, warnings should be posted.

    3. It’s always a joy when UK updates a story. as she has great plots. As for Tina’s situation she should always carry a knife with her and pepper spray with her especially since Sam is now out on bail. She should also keep her cellphone close at hand. If he wants to access her apartment she should look through the peephole first.. He is maniacal and a stalker. Get the RO now Tina. Hopefully Bette will have him taken out.

    4. Serious story line, i feel so with Tina and all the other women and yes, also man who are or were in a abusive relationship.

      Very good she called Bette but maybe she should have called the police, Tina had to decide in a splitt second and she called the one she trust, Bette.

      Samuel will get very angry when it comes out he was arrested for battery and more angry that Tina comes out and confirm she is in a relationship with Bette. They should be very carefull and maybe ask for protection.

      Interesting story, i like it!

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