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    Her Queen

    Bette had ordered take out for her and Tina, making sure it was messy finger foods, she wanted Tina to relax and she was hoping having a selection of foods that they could share and enjoy would do that. She put some large cushions onto the floor and arranged the food on the coffee table, she light some candles around the room and made the room as romantic as possible. Tina had spent the whole day after breakfast painting. She had come in a little while ago and had gone or a shower and to change.

    Tina walked out of the main bedroom wearing baggy shorts and a tank top,

    “Dinner is served,” Bette grinned, she was wearing baggy cargos and a light top as the day had been very warm.

    “Wow,” Tina smiled.

    “I said I would treat you like a queen and it starts with dinner,” Bette reached out and took her woman’s hand and lead her to cushions, Tina sat down cross legged and looked at the array of food.

    Bette poured them both a glass of wine and joined Tina, sitting close to her.

    Tina smiled as Bette made her feel at ease at once and she felt herself moving closer too her. Bette picked up a piece of nana bread, tore it and dipped it into one of the sauces before offering it to Tina. Tina tried to take it with her hands and Bette smiled and pulled it away.

    “No babe,” Bette grinned

    Tina looked confused until Bette moved and gently brought it to her mouth. Tina took a bite and couldn’t believe how erotic it was that Bette was feed her, she licked her lips as Bette did the same with a different filler to the bread. Bette feed herself and Tina until all the food was gone, enjoying being able to do this with her.

    “Wow,” Tina said as she drank the last of her wine, putting the glass back onto coffee table.

    “What?” Bette asked, leaning back against the sofa, her arm casually thrown behind Tina and gently playing with the back of her hair.

    “This is really romantic,”

    “You’re enjoying it?” Bette smiled

    “How couldn’t I? I mean you did all this,”

    “You’ve been working away all day.”

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    1. Great chapter!

      It is sweet how Bette is trying to take care of Tina. She is so sweet and romantic. And the best lover Tina could ever have, Bette isn’t pressuring Tina into anything and gives her the space and room she needs.

      Tina has lost everything and fell in love for the first time. She has endured so much and Bette is so kind and gentle to and for her.

      Love this story!

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