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    Her Shadow

    Press Article.

    Online New source


    Jeffery and Rosemary Johnson have opened up fully and completely about the death of their daughter on The Late Late Show. The couple appeared as apart of the book tour. The book Our Daughter: The First Lady was an unexpected title which has quickly become a New York Best seller. “ We had to keep the book quiet,” Rosemary explained, “Because we didn’t want it to be stopped from being published.”

    The book is about their daughter, the Late First Lady Victoria Porter-Johnson who died three years ago in a bomb blast in San Diego.

    “We lost our only child that day and it has ripped us apart. Everyday we grieve for our child. She may have been 51 but that doesn’t stop that feeling of loss and hurt.” Jeffery explained.

    “She was our world and she was taken away from us in the blink of an eye.” Rosemary explains. “Elizabeth and Victoria’s relationship wasn’t perfect, but I know they loved each other. We are gutted that she’s moved on so quickly and married so soon,”

    This comment got a lot of boos from the sitting audience which was edited for the TV version. The President married Dr Kennard six months ago after dating for about five months. The couple are happy and relaxed together. Rosemary went on to say.

    “Elizabeth chose to move forward, it’s not that easy for everyone else.”

    Viewers took to twitter and it wasn’t kind, one tweet read “She says the President has moved on, but she’s cashing in on the death of her daughter,” another said “The President lost her wife, has been left with health concerns but has carried on running the country. These two are just cashing in on their daughters untimely death”

    No comment has been made by the President or the White House.

    The White House

    The Oval Office

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia


    Bette threw the copy of the Johnsons book onto her desk. She couldn’t believe it. They had been blind sided by this mess and she couldn’t believe what she had read. Ben walked in just as the book hit the desk.

    “Aren’t you enjoying that best seller?” Ben asked

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    1. Wow, President Bette has announced to the world that her deceased wife was out chasing women while she was doing her job for the country. The Johnsons are not going to be pleased with that announcement. Their sainted daughter has now been revealed. I can see it now that the Johnsons will sue for slander… in order to get more money out of her death. Bette do no settle with them if they do. Insist that it go to trial and march every lover you can find to the witness stand. And when you win, ask for all the book proceeds. And if they do counter sue for slanderous remarks made in the book. But I do not think that the Johnsons will be able to bring suit until Bette has left office. Make the Johnson regret they ever met one Bette Porter or that they decided to go on a vendetta that they could never win…. thanks to Victoria Porter-Johnson. I am sure Tina will stand by you every step of the way.

      Thanks for the chapter…. love to see where this goes.

    2. Hell to the yea! I am so sick of Victoria’s parents trying to shift the blame to Bette, when their daughter was a lying adultress. What more do they want, for Bette to grieve a woman who she knows didn’t love her forever? Love the fic. Please post soon.

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