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    Her Shadow

    The Full Statement of President Elizabeth Porter

    Which can be found on the White House Website

    “This is perhaps the hardest statement I’ve ever had to write. I’ve been sat in the Oval Office with a pad of paper beside me while I’ve got on with my duties, ensuring that our country is running as well as it can be.

    Eighteen years ago I meet and fell in love with Victoria Johnson. Our relationship wasn’t perfect but that didn’t stop us. We had a good times and our bad. I have to admit that by the end our relationship was a mess but it was a mess of both our makings. I was busy with my career and she was busy finding love in another woman’s arms.

    When she was murdered three years ago I did think my world had ended. I wasn’t allowed to attend her funeral. I never got to really say goodbye. I was in hospital nursing my own injuries from the terrorist attack that took her life. Her parents choose to have the funeral without me. She was buried three days before I was fully discharged. I remember standing at her graveside and not finding the words or even the emotions in me to say goodbye.

    Victoria lost her life that day, I was left with life changing injuries but I still had a country to run. A country that voted for me.

    I never expected to find love. but love finds you in unexpected places. Tina resigned as my doctor because of the feelings she had for me and yes I was the one who asked her on a date. I don’t believe that me falling in love, finding that light in the dark again is disrespectful to the memory of my late wife. I did not move on too soon.

    Victoria isn’t here anymore. She’s gone. I know if she hadn’t moved from where she was it would have been me dead. I cannot change time. I cannot change what happened that day. I can live the life that I have been given.

    My world has changed so much. I’m bless with a wife who loves me for me. She’s everything to me. On a daily bases she shows me love and respect as I do to her.

    I will always remember the time I was with Victoria. I think about her often however I have to keep moving forward, as I and my team are moving America forward.

    I understand that Rosemary and Jeffery lost their daughter, their only child. However we cannot keep living in the past, we have to look forward.

    Thank you.

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    1. Wow, President Bette has announced to the world that her deceased wife was out chasing women while she was doing her job for the country. The Johnsons are not going to be pleased with that announcement. Their sainted daughter has now been revealed. I can see it now that the Johnsons will sue for slander… in order to get more money out of her death. Bette do no settle with them if they do. Insist that it go to trial and march every lover you can find to the witness stand. And when you win, ask for all the book proceeds. And if they do counter sue for slanderous remarks made in the book. But I do not think that the Johnsons will be able to bring suit until Bette has left office. Make the Johnson regret they ever met one Bette Porter or that they decided to go on a vendetta that they could never win…. thanks to Victoria Porter-Johnson. I am sure Tina will stand by you every step of the way.

      Thanks for the chapter…. love to see where this goes.

    2. Hell to the yea! I am so sick of Victoria’s parents trying to shift the blame to Bette, when their daughter was a lying adultress. What more do they want, for Bette to grieve a woman who she knows didn’t love her forever? Love the fic. Please post soon.

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