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    Home Sweet Home

    Tina lay on the sofa, Xavier was sleeping peacefully on her chest, her hand under his bottom keeping him in place. He was sleeping peacefully on his stomach. His head resting on his mother’s chest. His head to one side.  He was a month old now and they had let him come home the day before. They were finally away from the city and back at the ranch. He was still tiny but he was doing amazingly. Tina looked down at her son and kissed the top of his head. smiling as his soft hair tickled her nose. She yawned she was still tired. She had been restless all night after bring him home, even through he had only woken up to feed once in the night.

    Bette walked out of her home office, she had been having a meeting with her gallery managers about the upcoming shows and was very pleased with how everything was going. She walked around the sofa. She sat herself onto the oak coffee table and looked at her wife and son. Tina smiled softly at her wife.

    “How was your meeting?”

    “Well after Xavier stopped being the key topic of conversation it was good. The gallery in London would like to show some of your work,”

    “I’ve got some pieces we can send. Maybe in a couple of months. As I’d want to be there for the to be installed.” Tina said.

    “There is no rush, you’ve got your sale on your site to do first. We can think about it. Don’t worry.”

    “I should be working” Tina said.

    “Not yet, honey. Xavier is a month old. He has been in hospital for all that time. It’s okay to not be working.”

    “I want to draw”

    “Well if he wasn’t sleeping peacefully on your chest I would offer to get your stuff, but he looks happy,”

    “He is comfortable.” Tina smiled, gently running her hand along his back.

    “He knows the best pillows in town,” Bette grinned.

    “Seriously woman.” Tina yawned again.

    “You are also exhausted. I know you’re not sleeping well Ti,”

    “it was not being in our bed that did it.”

    “And last night?”

    “First night nervous?” Tina questioned as she raised her eyebrow.


    “Babe can you take him while I use the bathroom please,”

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    1. Shane is so sweet. Am I the only one who is worried about Tina’s priorities? I want to work she says. Baby Xavier just got home from the hospital. When I had my child the last thing I wanted was to work. Especially as Xavier is premature one would think that Tina would be wanting to hover and hold him as much as possible. Tina is so fixated on her art that I fear Xavier may take a back seat. She wants to draw and she says she would have to go to London to supervise the display if any work exhibited there. Bette is rightly trying to slow things down. Plus Bette is an expert at exhibition and showmanship so when the time comes Bette will know exactly how to best market Tina’s work. Something is off with Tina. Or seems to be. When she says this is life now isn’t it – is that a good thing or a bad thing?

    2. Lovely update, glad that Xavier is at home and doing well.

      Shane is a great friend and understand Tina needs no noisy Alice to visit.

      I do wonder like Billy why Tina is so fixated on working, she needs to relax and enjoy her son and being a family with Bette. She is very populair with her art, no need to hurry. Her fans will wait till she is ready to go back to drawning or paint.

      I think it is something that helps her relax, she can do it as Xavier is asleep but there is no hurry to go back to work.

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