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    Home Sweet Home

    “Sure,” Bette moved and slowly lifted Xavier off Tina’s chest, she held him close. Watching as h made himself comfortable in his mothers arms.

    Tina got up and headed upstairs to their large bathroom.

    The doorbell ran out and Bette smiled as Xavier didn’t even flinch, he just turned his head towards her. She opened the door and smiled into Shane’s face

    “Hey Shane,”

    “Hey, wow doesn’t that look right?”

    “What?” Bette asked moving aside and watching their friend come into the house, with a bag of what looked like gifts.

    “You holding your son, you’re a natural,” Shane grinned.

    “I’m not. Tina is.”

    “Where is she?”

    “She’s gone to the bathroom she will be a few. What do we owe this pleasure?”

    “Well in order to stop noisy Aunt Alice coming here I have been volunteered to bring the presents we have bought for Xavier, you and Tina.”

    Bette smiled

    “And how did you get volunteered for it?”

    “Well I know that with Tina being in the city for a month I’m betting she’s not at her most relaxed right. If Aunt Alice turned up with her loudness Alice and Tina might no longer be friends by the end of it. I decided to take matters into my own hands,”

    “You’re a good friend,”

    “I just know that Tina needs peace in her life and she’s not going to get that with Alice.”

    “We will formally invite you all soon, we are just getting used to being home with him,”

    “Well he was so early, he is so cute,” Shane said looking at Xavier who choose that moment to yawn. He wrinkled his nose just like his mother did and then curled deeper into Bette’s embrace, Bette sat on the sofa and gestured for Shane to also sit down.

    “He is,” Bette grinned,

    Tina walked down the stairs and smiled when she saw Shane,

    “Hi Shane,”

    “Hi, Tina how are ya?” Shane asked as Tina sat herself next to Bette and put her hand into her leg.

    “I’m okay, glad to be home.”

    “I bet you are,”

    “What do we owe this pleasure?” Tina asked, not that she was ungrateful or anything she just hadn’t been expecting anyone.

    “Well it was Shane or Alice,” Bette grinned.

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    1. Shane is so sweet. Am I the only one who is worried about Tina’s priorities? I want to work she says. Baby Xavier just got home from the hospital. When I had my child the last thing I wanted was to work. Especially as Xavier is premature one would think that Tina would be wanting to hover and hold him as much as possible. Tina is so fixated on her art that I fear Xavier may take a back seat. She wants to draw and she says she would have to go to London to supervise the display if any work exhibited there. Bette is rightly trying to slow things down. Plus Bette is an expert at exhibition and showmanship so when the time comes Bette will know exactly how to best market Tina’s work. Something is off with Tina. Or seems to be. When she says this is life now isn’t it – is that a good thing or a bad thing?

    2. Lovely update, glad that Xavier is at home and doing well.

      Shane is a great friend and understand Tina needs no noisy Alice to visit.

      I do wonder like Billy why Tina is so fixated on working, she needs to relax and enjoy her son and being a family with Bette. She is very populair with her art, no need to hurry. Her fans will wait till she is ready to go back to drawning or paint.

      I think it is something that helps her relax, she can do it as Xavier is asleep but there is no hurry to go back to work.

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