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    Home Sweet Home

    “Agh,” Tina nodded knowingly. “Would you like a coffee or something?”

    “No, no I’m not staying, we just wanted to give you your baby shower presents as little man came early and stopped us from having the baby shower.” Shane smiled.

    “You were going to give us a baby shower?” Tina looked at Bette who took an interest in Xavier.

    “We were,” Shane said, but then Xavier arrived. We just thought we would give you the presents instead.”

    “Its very kind of you all,” Tina grinned.

    “Well we love you,” Shane smiled. She passed the presents too them, “Open them whenever,”

    “Tell everyone thank you, I’m sure Bette will write the personal thank you notes.”

    “I’m sure she will.” Shane smiled knowing that Bette would, it was something she did whenever someone gave her a gift.

    Xavier chose that moment to wake up, he started to cry and Bette gently rocked him. Tina got up and Shane watched as she slowly made him a bottle.

    “He has a good set of lungs,” Shane remarked,

    “He does, must get that from me, because his mommy is very quiet.” Bette remarked as Tina came back and gently took her son and began to feet him, Shane thought she had never seen a sight like it. Tina looked at her son with such devotion and love. Shane was glad that her friends were happy,

    “Right I better go, I don’t want to impose,”

    “You can never impose.” Tina said,

    “I feel like you should be alone getting used to be a family right now, please don’t worry, I am not offended.”

    “Thank you, for understanding,” Bette said.

    “It’s okay, right I will see you soon,” Shane got up and left.

    Bette looked at her wife who was slowly feeding Xavier, who was happy to be in his mother’s arms. Tina put the bottle to one side and winded her son.

    “This is life now isn’t it?” Tina said,

    “It is, the perfect life. I love you, I love you both.”

    “I love you, and if Xavier wasn’t eating I’m sure he would say he loves you too,”

    Bette never thought that life would be this perfect. She could see that her wife’s mind was wondering.

    “What’s on your mind?” Bette asked, looking at her wife, She knew that something was up.

    “I’m worried,”


    “My art, what if no one wants anything because I’ve left it too long,”


    “No, Bette. It’s my career.”

    “Do you want to sell the pencil drawings, because we can set up a sale.”

    “I think I need to sell them, it’s been a month and I can’t get put it off forever.”

    “Tell you what I will get your mac while you finish with him and I will bath him and get him ready for bed while you sort it all out.”

    “Thank you Bette,”

    “You don’t need to thank me,”

    “I do, trust me. You understand me better than anyone. I love you so much,”

    Bette moved and kissed her wife’s lips.

    “I love you,” Bette got up and went off to get Tina’s things. Knowing that she would want her mac, and a few other things. She wanted her wife to be happy and knew that Tina was happiest when she was creating and she wanted her wife to do this.

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    1. Shane is so sweet. Am I the only one who is worried about Tina’s priorities? I want to work she says. Baby Xavier just got home from the hospital. When I had my child the last thing I wanted was to work. Especially as Xavier is premature one would think that Tina would be wanting to hover and hold him as much as possible. Tina is so fixated on her art that I fear Xavier may take a back seat. She wants to draw and she says she would have to go to London to supervise the display if any work exhibited there. Bette is rightly trying to slow things down. Plus Bette is an expert at exhibition and showmanship so when the time comes Bette will know exactly how to best market Tina’s work. Something is off with Tina. Or seems to be. When she says this is life now isn’t it – is that a good thing or a bad thing?

    2. Lovely update, glad that Xavier is at home and doing well.

      Shane is a great friend and understand Tina needs no noisy Alice to visit.

      I do wonder like Billy why Tina is so fixated on working, she needs to relax and enjoy her son and being a family with Bette. She is very populair with her art, no need to hurry. Her fans will wait till she is ready to go back to drawning or paint.

      I think it is something that helps her relax, she can do it as Xavier is asleep but there is no hurry to go back to work.

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