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    Home, Sweet Home

    Bette sat at the dinning table nursing a mug of coffee, her laptop open and she slowly went through her work emails. The flight home had been hell, Tina had been ill, she’d vomited a number of time, she had felt light headed, as soon as they had landed Bette had taken her to the doctors. Tina had a nasty stomach bug which had given her a fever which was why she was dizzy and light headed. She was now sleeping peacefully in bed sleeping it off.

    There was a knock on the door and Bette got up, smiling when she saw Shane stood there carrying some groceries that she had offered to get the couple when she’d found out that Tina was ill.

    “Shane you are a live saver.” Bette as she took some of the bags from her friend and took them into the kitchen.

    “It’s okay, how is she?” Shane asked, as she put the bags down and stared to help Tina unpack.

    “She’s sleeping. She’s scared the crap out of me,”

    “At least you got a good few days before it happened.”

    “Yeah, she’s a go stomach bug and bit of a chest infection. I’ve been given some medication to help her.” Bette said as she slowly put everything away.

    “You must have panicked a bit.” Shane remarked.

    “You have no idea.” Bette smiled, “I panicked the moment she was dizzy, watching her get sicker as she we got closer to home was hard. She was so unhappy.”

    “I bet, being sick sucks” Shane put the milk away as Bette switched the coffee maker back on.

    “She’s sleeping peacefully at the moment. I’m glad she’s managing that, the moment we got home she crawled into bed. Her body was weak.”

    “She’ also a home body, she likes being her. did you guys have a nice time apart from this happened?”

    “Yeah we did, we talked a lot,” Bette poured her friend and coffee and they went and sat in the living room,

    “Bet you did more than talk,”

    “We did it was our honeymoon, but we also did some serious talking,”


    “She wants a family,”

    “Kids?” Shane asked, sitting in one of the arm chairs, her coffee in her hands.

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    1. Wait until Jodi finds out Bette is married….she may become a problem for Bette. I am glad that Tina has only a bug. But the chest congestion worries me. Stomach bugs are bad enough but it can lead to other things. Bette, get this girl some chicken soup… and crackers. If she is able to hold down liquids, she can do the chicken soup.

      Love the fact that Shane is willing and ready to help this couple out whenever needed. I am sorry the honeymoon was cut short. Maybe they can do a repeat sometime later in the year before the snow falls. It sounds like that it would give Tina a lot of ideas and subject for her next art show. And they deserve the time and space to connect and intimacy without the distractions of work and friends.

      Thank you for this chapter…. love it.

    2. So happy Tina is not that sick, yes it is sad that it happened on their honeymoon but they can plan another trip.

      Bette is so sweet and caring for Tina, she has found the woman she can pamper and care for. But she will always be Alpha Bette.

      So Jodi wants to have a show, not a group show, why would she think that her cheating ass will get one in one of Bette’s galleries?! Glad that Bette let James take care of her. Maybe Bette should tell Tina that Jodi contacted her. I am not so sure she will back off that easily.

      Great story! Thank you!

    3. Love how the mere mention of Jodi in a story elicits universal red flags and groans. Almost always trouble. She will undoubtedly cause some mischief. I hope Tina is feeling secure enough to handle her. Bette is so caring. Why do I have the feeling that Shane has a major innocent crush on Tina? It’s really very sweet. Feel better Tina. Let’s hope hurricane Jodi fizzles out quickly.

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