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    Hope you get my message

    Washington D.C.- October 31, 2009-Saturday Afternoon

    “What are you doing?” Bette asked, peering over Tina’s shoulder to see her cooking the pumpkin seeds they just gathered from dissecting their pumpkins.

    “Roasted pumpkin seeds,” Tina smiled as she gave Bette a peck on the lips. “Delia and I used to eat these all the time during the fall season.” Turning around to see a confused look on her face, “oh-please tell me you’ve had roasted pumpkin seeds before.”

    Bette shook her head, “it sounds…interesting.”

    “It’s just pumpkin seeds, butter, and salt,” Tina smiled as she glanced over to see Angie trying to decide which design should grace her pumpkin.

    “Sounds more like a heart attack,” Bette muttered. She held up a cut out of a jack-o-lantern, “you like?”

    “I do…are you actually going to cut it this time?” Tina smiled as she turned the oven on and tossed in the pumpkin seed covered pan.

    “What’s that supposed to mean?” Bette asked, arching her brow.

    “Babe, you’re like a child when it comes to carving pumpkins. You get half way through then you get annoyed because a piece you didn’t want cut ends up getting cut.”

    “It ruins the whole design,” Bette muttered, walking behind Tina and wrapping her in her arms. “You love me anyways.”

    “I do…for some reason,” Tina winked as she walked towards Angie. “Alright, doll. Let’s get this butterfly carved in.”

    Angie ripped open the package containing the knives.

    “Careful, honey. Don’t cut yourself,” Tina said, grabbing the package from Angie and removing the carving tools.

    “Sorry, mommy. I’m just excited!” Angie said, grabbing the tape to attach the stencil of the butterfly to her pumpkin.

    “I can see that,” Tina laughed as Bette sat down next to Angie. “You two ready?”

    Both curly-haired brunettes nodded as they grabbed their carving tool and slowly began to trace the lines.

    Tina sat back to watch Bette guide through her design delicately while also making sure Angie was being careful. Smiling to herself, she felt her phone buzzing. Looking down, she notices a text from Lexi.

    From Lexi:

    Happy Halloween!

     I know it’s your favorite time of the year.

    I have a surprise for you later 😊

    Shaking her head, the blonde reached down to quickly message her back.

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    1. OMG 😱,

      I hope i am able to sleep tonight! Haunted houses are just so horrible scaring and i must admit i thought that Lexi would be there, hanging dead somewhere where Tina would see her.

      But instead Tina found her at her apartment without the heart she received earlier. That man is cruel and heartless.

      The message was loud and clear and i hope he gets Tina’s message too.

      This story is a real scary thriller and i do hope that it ends well for Tina and all of her family.

      Thank you for the update!

    2. Well! I don’t know about a Haunted House that was a real Roller Coaster of a Chapter !

      A great story which messes with all the emotions, beautifully written:-)

      Look after our girls though, please :D


    3. Oh shit!! Devil-man removed Lexis’ heart & left it for Tina???? Was NOT xpexting that!!!! What the “F” does this dude have against Tina???

      If Tina offed the flunky, wonder if she’ll cut out his heart & save it for devil-man

    4. Poor Lexi but can I have Helena as the next target? Yeah I know im evil.

      This is an intense reading. Very worth my time. Thanks for the story and looking forward for the next instalment.

    5. ok. i have to say, after catching up to the latest past two chapters, my reaction at the ending of your latest tale was a reaction of, “oh hell no she didn’t!….”yup. it appears she did. the chase is on. doubt this time around not one thing can stop tina from back playing this game to catch the one taunting her.
      my gut is telling me it is someone close to her “thinking” by the mementos sent and delivered to her is their warped way of “thinking” they are pleasing her. oh hell’s yeah. they now have her complete attention. BUT, the question begs, “how” will her family stay safe? at this point, her friends and family are the bait to “attract” this serial killer stalker to her. and “IF” it comes to the surface that she knows and sees that it is one of her own….can’t get any creepier than that. the question also begs, “WHY her”? it surely appears the intent is to completely make her paranoid and mentally off balance and out of focus. like the inchworm, every move made by her opponent closer towards herself is unraveling her more.
      can’t wait to see the real bear emerge when she is pushed to the brink. OR. MAYBE. THIS. IS. ALL. A. DREAM. NOT. REALLY. HAPPENING.

      As always, a great story. LOVED this latest ending. thanx for taking the time to share and keeping us up to date. your detail of events is extrodinary and worth reading for clues in the message of the story. so many twists and possible turns. your vision thru this story is worth the wait. thank you.

    6. Merciful heavens, you have scared the heck out of me. I just started reading this story a few days ago. You have really put together some scary info in this story. So happy Tina has a great relationship with her co-workers and I hope when she tells the guys they leave no stone unturned to get this evil bastard and put him in a six foot hole. Please, oh please don’t let him hurt anyone else. You have written one evil character. One thing that bothers me is that guy she offed in this chapter knew her name and used it as though he knew her intimately. No one is safe until he and his followers are put to their eternal rest. You are a great writer, keep it up. Hopefully, you can keep everyone safe, pretty please. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

    7. I am beginning to believe this is an inside job. Someone who knows all of Tina’s movements and all of her friends and family. That person is very jealous of Tina’s success. Just a thought.

    8. WOW. Please excuse me while I recover from shouting repetitive expletives in my head. What a killer chapter, literally!!!

      Okay woah. This chapter was amazingly written as always. So descriptive that I felt like I was in that nightmare of a haunted house with them! (People running after you and grabbing you? OH HELL NO. I’ll pass).

      I thought for sure Tina was going to get another message inside of the haunted house or that one of those “scares” was going to actually be real instead. But damn Tina continues to surprise me in this story. I swear this is the Tina we deserved!

      Hope you’ve had an amazing weekend Kylie!
      Thanks again!

    9. WOW! What the hell? This guy is certifiable, I hope Tina keeps her group informed. She needs someone to watch her back weather she thinks so or not. Gloves off, of course, it is time to go hard and catch this nut. Please post soon.

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