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    Hospital, Home

    Bette sat on the uncomfortable chair next to Tina’s bed. The nurses and the doctors were buzzing around. Tina had been for a number of scans. she was now resting. Her eyes closed. Bette knew she was weak, since arriving into the hospital she had had a further four seizures. Bette slowly reached out and gently took her hand. gently playing with Tina’s wedding ring. Bette’s brain was working a mile a minute at the moment. she wanted answers to what was happening as this was the last thing she had expected. They had been through so much.

    Tina’s eyes slowly opened her eyes and looked at her wife, who was frowning and looking intently at Tina’s hand. Tina smiled softly,

    “You are very cute when you frown,” Tina whispered.

    Bette looked at up and smiled.

    “I’m not,” Bette replied softly.

    “You do look better when you smile,” Tina whispered back. she blinked a couple of times, her eyes still felt heavy.

    “If you need to rest, please do.”

    “I love you B,” Tina yawned as she spoke. She took in the small private room she was in, the IV in in her arm, the machines around her.

    “I love you too Ti, you’re amazing. rest baby please.”

    Tina simply nodded, closing her eyes again she falls asleep again with in minutes. Bette watches her sleep for a while.

    There is a light knock on the door. Bette looked up as Shane poked her head into the room,

    “Can I get you a drink? Something to eat?” Shane asked,

    “Erm, I better eat,” Bette reached over and picked up her purse and took out a twenty. “Can you get me a sandwich and maybe a coffee,”

    “Sure,” Shane looked at Tina sleeping. “Is she okay?”

    “For now yeah.” Bette nodded as she spoke. She looked back at her wife.

    “Okay, I’ll be back as soon as I can,”

    “Thanks Shane,”

    Shane just nodded and left. Bette rubbed her head. she hoped they could find out what was happening.

    The door opened and a doctor and nurse walked in. The doctor was making notes as he came and they started to doing Tina’s vitals.

    “Do you know what is going on with my wife?”

    “Tina is perfectly heathy, the scans have come back clear.”

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    1. Oh dear. Good news that it is nothing serious right now. Tina has been through so much. I wonder what is troubling her? Why isn’t she sleeping? Shane is such a good friend. Bette will move heaven and earth to take care of Tina.

    2. Thank god Tina is healthy, but she needs to take care of herself. You can’t function on three hours of sleep.
      Bette will look after her and do everything possible to do that but Tina needs to be the one to do everyting in her power to take care of herself.

      There has so much happened in Tina’s life. Maybe she should go to a counselor.

      Thanks for the update!

    3. Long term sleep deprivation can be serious. Tina and Bette need to get to the cause of her lack of sleep. The fact that she is exhibiting signs of major problems – seizures is a huge warning. Lack of sleep can cause many of the bodies systems to weaken and even fail – the immune system, brain function, breathing and circulatory problems. The body needs a certain amount of rest to repair and renew its vitality. I would suspect that this has been a problem since before Tina met Bette. It may go back to her relationship with her parents and whatever caused their deaths. It may be responsible for Tina’s problems with socializing – her brain simply cannot keep up because she is not getting the proper rest.

      I really love this story. I love how devoted Bette is to Tina. She would move heaven and earth to take care of her. And I love how devoted Shane is to both of them.

      I look forward to the next chapter… I hope that Tina will begin to change her habits to bring herself back to good health. And I think Bette can help her but showing her that it would be devastating to her to lose Tina just because she wasn’t getting enough sleep.

      Thanks for this chapter… love this story.

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