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    Hospital Waiting Room

    Bette paced up and down the room, she couldn’t keep still, Tina had been in surgery for hours now, she’d lost track of time. The whole evening had turned from joyful to horrific in a moment. A police officer had explained that Claire had been bailed that morning. It had taken her less than twenty four hours to get a gun and try and kill Tina and kill herself.

    “Baby girl,” Bette looked up as Kit, her sister walked in, the moment Bette saw her, she dissolved into tears, tears she’d been holding back.

    Kit opened her arms and let her sister crumbled into them, Bette held onto her, crying hard. her emotions overtaking her. Kit just held her sister, letting her get all her emotions out.

    “How is she doing do you know?” Kit asked,

    “She’s in surgery. Erm,” Bette wiped her eyes and sat with Kit. “They said she was internally bleeding and they needed to remove the bullet. She was just taking the fucking trash out Kit. That’s all. We’d had a meal, we were cleaning up and then I heard the shot, Claire was just standing over her, watching her bleed.” Bette shook her head, she had already gone over this with the police.

    “Why was she even out?”

    “Someone posted her bail this morning. They didn’t say who.”

    Bette rubbed her chin, she was trying to stay as calm as possible, which was easier said than done.

    “She’s going to be okay,” Kit said,

    “Kit, Tina is shy, like she’s almost inside her own shell shy. She was just starting to find herself, this is going to push her right back.”

    “Emotionally she will need to be looked after, and physically for a while but you will both get through this. you have each other,” Kit said, “I’ve never seen you like this Bette, you love her. I hope she loves you just as much.”

    “She does.” Bette admitted. “Kit this is a mess,”

    “It will get better, I hate to speak ill of the dead but now she’s dead you can both move on, she’s scared your life’s and she’s going to leave a scar now on Tina’s body but you both have to come through this, with love and commitment you will.”

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    1. You are fast! Thank you for posting so soon!

      Fortunately, Tina is not left with physical damage, but emotionally this will take a long time before she can give it a place.

      Glad Kit is there for Bette, this will be emotionally difficult for her too. She wants so badly to help Tina and do everything for her, but she too has had a lot to endure and has to give it a place.

      Strong speech about her feelings for Tina and that she has found the woman of her life and that she does not care about what others say about it. Together and or with the help of a psychologist, they can process this and it will make their relationship stronger.

      Thank you so much for the quick update!

    2. UK. Thank you for expediting this chapter. We would have gone insane not knowing Tina’s condition. Glad she is not going to be confined to a wheelchair. I hope Bette finds the best therapist in LA to help with Tina’s mental state.

    3. Glad Tina is going to be ok. Certainly hope she is out of harms way. I still wonder who bailed Claire out of jail. Somehow I think this is going to come back again? Maybe not. Poor Tina.

      • I was thinking that too. Someone bailed her out for a reason. Will be interesting to find out.
        They were just getting some traction too. Glad Bette has Kit in her corner, Alice will come around.

    4. For only having met Tina once, Kit is making some pretty harsh diagnosis on Tina. She now has mental problems? Well, it would not surprise me if Tina now has PTSD. I am not sure that her shyness could be classified as a mental problem. It might be a social issue dealing with her social adjustment.

      Bette loves Tina. And it is entirely possible for someone who has lived in the city all their life to be happy in country living. There are all kinds of hobbies and crafts and skills which occur in that style life which give great joy without the glitz of lights and noise in the city. The pace of life is different and the sense of what is enjoyable may be different. Different does not mean that it will not be equally as fulfilling. Remember, each individual creates their own happiness. And they have enough resources to spend a weekend occasionally at a hotel to enjoy the offerings of the city. Bette will still need to travel to New York, Paris and Rome from time to time.. It will not like she is confined to the country for life. Tina hopefully will travel with her and they will get the best of both worlds.

      My hopes are that Tina does have a full recovery. And she will need some therapy for this attack. And it may come to light that the murder of her parents could be responsible for some of her current shyness. And if Claire had anything to do with it, then she will need even more counseling. Bette too will need counseling after all she witness Claire’s suicide and saw Tina’s wound. That is bound to have an affect.

      Thank you for this amazing story. Keep it coming.

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