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    How Can I Help You?

    Bette throws on the rest of her pajamas and runs out. Seeing a scared Tina on the couch and a panicked Shane standing in the living room. ”SHANE! What is going on?!”

    ”Bette, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know you had someone over. I thought you were just doing your typical insomnia thing where you pace the house all night. You never bring women home with you. I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

    Shane starts to leave but Tina tells Bette to stop her. ”Bette, don’t make her leave on my account. She obviously needs help. I’m okay. I could use the distraction anyway.”

    Bette looks skeptically at Tina before calling to Shane who had reached the kitchen. ”Get back here Shane and bring the tea with you!”

    Bette sits down on the sofa and rubs her face. Tina gets up and sits right next to Bette putting an arm around her. ”Insomnia, huh? Well, now I don’t feel bad about asking you to stay up since you were going to be up anyway.”

    Bette smiles at Tina and pulls her into her side as she leans back into the couch cushions. ”I never want you to feel bad for asking for what you want and need with me. I’ll always give you what I can.” Bette says as she places a kiss to Tina’s forehead.

    Shane makes her way back into the living room with a tray containing two cups of tea, a pot of honey, a small pitcher of milk, one beer, and some Italian chocolates Bette had picked up on her last business trip. Shane sets the tray on the coffee table while taking a seat on the love seat. “Just a touch of honey, right Bette?”

    “Yeah, thanks Shane.” Bette says, taking the mug handed to her. “Oh! Shane, this is Tina; Tina, this is my friend and neighbor, Shane.”

    Shane reaches out and shakes Tina’s hand. “Nice to meet you Tina; how do you like your tea?”

    Tina feels relaxed around Shane; she finds her laid back demeanor calming. “Nice meeting you too. I’ll have just a touch of honey too.”

    Shane fixes Tina’s tea and hands her the mug. “Here you go.”

    “Thanks Shane.” Tina says smiling.

    “No problem.” Shane says before taking a large swing of beer.

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