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    How Can I Help You?

    Bette breaks the silence. “So, what can I help you with? Why’d you run in here like a bat out of hell?”

    Shane chuckles, “Direct as always.”

    Bette smiles, “Why beat around the bush? Now spill!”

    Shane sighs and runs her hand nervously through her hair. “I’m in trouble Bette… please… don’t be mad…”

    Bette sets her mug down on the end table by her seat and leans forward. “Just tell me what’s going on.”

    Shane looks down, avoiding Bette’s intense gaze. “I… I… remember what I was doing… when we first met… for money?”

    Bette takes in a deep breath. “Go on.”

    “Well… I… started again- “

    Bette jumps up and cuts Shane off. “YOU WHAT?! SHANE! How can you be so reckless? We talked about this; why would you go back to that?!” Bette yells angrily while pacing in front of Shane. Bette stops directly in front of Shane with both hands on her hips and asks, “How long?”

    Shane glances up briefly before putting her head back down; both women forgetting they had company. “3 months,” she whispers.

    “3 MONTHS!” Bette kneels, grabbing Shane’s face staring her right in her eyes. “Are you using again? Is that what this is about?”

    Shane becomes teary but fights hard to keep them at bay. “It’s not why I went back to it, but yes… I’ve been using.”

    Bette looks down. “Why’d you go back?”

    Shane takes a breath before explaining. “I needed the money, Bette. Since I lost the hair salon and got blacklisted, I’ve lost a lot of my high-end clientele. I was behind on my rent and bills. I was going to be evicted. The drugs just happened. They help me get you through the work.”

    Bette’s anger rises. “Why didn’t you come to me?! I would have helped you! Hell, I would have let you move in here if you didn’t want me to pay your rent for you. You know I wouldn’t have let you be left out on the street. We’re supposed to be friends Shane; why didn’t you come to me?”

    Shane’s tears begin to fall. “It’s not your job to help everyone Bette! I live right next door; I know what’s been going on?”

    “What do you mean?” Bette asks confused.

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