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    How Can I Help You?

    “I’ve seen Kit on your doorstep every few weeks, drunk, strung out, or both. I know you’re trying to help her get clean and sober, and I know you’re paying out of pocket for her to go to rehab every time she shows up. I also know that she’s left every rehab you put her in without completing treatment, and she’s stolen from you. God Bette. You have enough going on with your sister, I didn’t want to add to it. You can’t save us all.”

    Tina is looking at both women; confused as to what it is exactly that Shane’s doing, and intrigued by Bette’s apparent savior complex. She’s pulled from her thoughts as Bette speaks again. “I know I can’t save everyone Shane, but you’re my friend and Kit’s my sister. If I can’t help anyone else, I should at least be able to help the both of you. So, tell me, why are you in danger – other than the obvious.”

    Shane keeps her head down as she replies, “I’ve slept with a few married women, and their husbands found out. Let’s just say they were not thrilled about it. I think they’re following me now. Plus, they’ve contacted what was left of my clients and now I have no one.” Fresh tears fall from Shane’s eyes as she looks to Bette. “I don’t know what to do Bette.”

    Bette sits next to Shane and hugs her tightly. “We’ll figure something out Shane… we will. Maybe I can pay the men to leave you alone, and I could probably find some work for you to do around the gallery. It’s not hair styling, but I can pay you.”

    “I can’t keep depending on you to bail me out Bette. I just came here hoping you’d let me crash in the spare room for a few nights – I don’t want to be alone especially if I am being followed.” Shane looks up remembering there is someone else in the living room with them. She quickly wipes her tears. “Oh shit. I’m sorry Tina, I’m not usually so emotional. Damn Bette. You finally bring a woman home and I fuck it up for you.” Shane begins to get up. “I’ll just head out.”

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