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    How Can I Help You?

    Bette pulls Shane back down as she responds. “Tina will be staying in the spare room for a bit, but you can stay in my room – I’ll take the couch.”

    “Bette, I’m not kicking you out of your room.” Shane scoffs.

    Bette waves her off. “It’s not a problem, Shane. You know I don’t really sleep anyways. If I made you take the couch, I’d keep you up all night with my pacing.” Bette says with a wink.

    Tina cuts in timidly. “Actually, Bette, Shane can take the spare room. I would like to stay in your room… with you.” She finishes in a whisper.

    Bette walks over and sits next to Tina, lifting her chin so they’re gazing at one another. “Are you sure, Tina. I don’t want you to feel… uncomfortable.”

    Tina smiles at Bette’s concern. “I would feel more uncomfortable if I had to sleep alone.”

    Bette gently strokes her cheek. “Okay, Baby. Whatever you want.”

    Tina grabs Bette’s hand giving it a squeeze before clearing her throat and addressing Shane. “Erm… so you cut hair?”

    Bette cuts in beaming, “Hell yeah she does! She’s a great stylist!”

    Shane chuckles as she blushes at Bette’s compliment. “Well, with such a glowing recommendation I could hire you.” Tina states matter-of-factly.

    Bette smiles widely at Tina’s suggestion. “Really Tina? You have an opening? That would be perfect!”

    Shane looks at both women confused. “Where do you work Tina?”

    “I’m the Chief Development Executive for Shaolin Studios. I’m starting production on a new film in 2 weeks, so this is perfect; I need to hire a few stylists anyway. Plus, you’ll be able to start at the beginning rather than jumping in mid-production.”

    Shane is excited at the thought. “Wow Tina! This sounds too good to be true. Don’t you want to see my work first? Why would you help me?”

    “I don’t need to see your work; if Bette says you’re great, then you’re great.” Tina looks at Bette before looking back at Shane and continuing. “As far as why I want to help you; let’s just say Bette’s savior complex is contagious.” Tina looks at Bette again as she becomes teary. “Bette saved me tonight, so the least I can do is pay it forward.” She says barely above a whisper.

    Bette fights back the tears in her own eyes as she brings Tina’s hand to her lips and places a kiss on the knuckles. “I’ll always save you.”

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