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    How did she get here?

    The plaque on the office door read Andrea McLellan, Director Nursing – NICU

    Once Bette and Tina entered the office and she closed the door Andrea asked them to “Please have a seat.” indicating the visitor’s chairs in front of her desk.

    “May I get you something to drink?” she asked reaching into the small built in fridge in the wall-unit behind her desk to get a Perrier water for herself. She offered the couple the same and they nodded yes and thanked her. They each twisted the cap on their bottles and took a small sip before placing them on the hospital branded coasters conveniently placed on the wooden surface of her executive desk.

    Bette looked around the office at all the impressive, framed credentials on the walls. “You didn’t mention you were the Director of Nursing for the NICU when you called yesterday.”

    “I apologize for being vague. Yes, I am the director overseeing the entire NICU department, but I don’t spend much time in this office. I can do more on the hospital’s second floor as the senior neonatal nurse using the skills that earned me those fancy credentials. I’m charged with Marci and Logan’s care as Nurse Andrea. It’s in that capacity that I spoke to you yesterday. Now I’m back in the director’s chair. I’ll apologize in advance for the need to switch hats back and forth, but they are two clearly defined roles as you can imagine.”

    “So, can one of you please tell us what is going on with Marci and Logan. Why was she admitted, and
    how did she get here?” Bette didn’t mean it to sound so snippy, but her lack of sleep was catching up with her and her patience was running thin.

    Tina gave her a look, and she apologized “Sorry.”

    “No need to apologize.” Andrea said kindly not taking offense. She was used to dealing with people in the most extremely intense, emotional and sometimes life-threatening circumstances.

    “Marci was brought in by Paramedics accompanied by her friend Renee on Friday afternoon. Renee lives in Carson City. She said Marci had been staying with her for a few days before she was to leave for Los Angeles. I suppose she was coming to you?”

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    1. Seems logical to me…. now what do her parents know? Are they going to show up and cause trouble? What does Renee’ know that she might let slip in a conversation with Mom and Step-Dad? The parents seem to me to be biggest threat to the whole plan. The fact that Marci is dependent on them is a major factor in Marci’s final decision. What they don’t know won’t hurt Marci, but if they decide to be vindictive, homophonic or just plain unreasonable, it could be problems for everyone.

      It’s good that Marci is under doctors care and in such a well equipped medical facility.

      Good going Bibi… keep it coming….

      • Hi Martha. Thank you for reading and commenting.

        I won’t give too much away in my response but you can rest assured Mom and Step-Dad will become a non-issue pretty quickly. Renee is not in touch with them so nothing about Marci will be shared that she doesn’t tell them herself. Bette and Tina will have slight drama with the three evil witches (Jenny, Kelly and Jodi) but the Logan story isn’t going to focus on Marci’s parents. His life story starts with his adoptive parents. As Tina said in an earlier chapter “This is our baby. I think we’ll have a great influence on its life…”

        Thank you for your input and ideas for the storyline.

        Be safe. Take care of yourself and loved ones.

    2. Thanks for the short but informative post.
      Agree. with Martha that the Parents could be a big factor in the continuing story but I’m sure our girls can take them on if Marci allows them to.
      Looking forward to continuing on this Story with you..
      Stay safe and well

      • Thank you SG. Appreciate your continued support and encouragement. Now that Marci is in California the parents have no jurisdiction just like the Nevada law. Their bigotry won’t interfere with the adoption and Marci and her two boys will be fine.

        Please continue to stay safe. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

    3. What a great little chapter! Mexican food is a perfect selection and solution. I ate it the night before my little guy came and everyone told me I had heartburn. Marci is in very capable hands. Not all hospitals have NICUs. Logan is exactly where he needs to be. Sounds like both Marci and Logan are both going to be just fine. Logan’s very near term. Marci’s been there two weeks with excellent care. Smart thinking by Renee to call paramedics and glad that Marci thought to get across the state line. Her mother and step father must know of her plan to live with Bette and Tina and deliver Logan in LA. And they must know something about where she is now. They have the other two kids to take care of. I doubt either would show up at the hospital. Maybe. Even if they do they can bitch and moan and be unhappy but nothing from a legal standpoint. They have absolutely no standing in that regard. Tommy seemed like a decent guy. He’s the one I would worry about. In her other pregnancies Marci was not sure who the father was. This time she is. Hopefully this is a non issue. Joyce is a top notch attorney. Now that Marci and Logan are in California and he will be born there, Joyce has had some time to get everything all neat and tidy and legal. Again, two weeks have passed so any possible issues about the adoption should have been dealt with? I know Marci had been worried about how her mother would react to the adoption choice but when push comes to shove while she might reject Marci would her mother really turn her back on two grandchildren? If such an action has actually been threatened then it is time for Marci to try to begin a life apart from that judgmental homophobic woman. Maybe move to California. Live with Renee. Bette and Tina could help her. They won’t turn their backs on Marci and her kids. I really like Nurse/Director Andrea. NICU folks are just the best – majorly skilled in so many areas including dealing with stressed parents. That would be our Bette. The wink was a very nice touch.

      • Billy. Thank you for your idea to introduce a friend to help Marci and explain how she ended up in Bridgeport. I want to allay everyone’s concerns about Marci’s parents and drama surrounding Logan’s adoption. I’m not going to spend the energy to write that storyline, my focus is on Bette and Tina having their son and moving on with their lives as a family with Angie. Tommy was only introduced to give a little background on the father, and to show something of Marci’s character. She is not a product of her environment. He is not in the picture and he is not coming back to claim his baby. You are correct, Bette and Tina would not abandon Marci or leave her in a bad situation after everything she did for them to have Logan.

        Appreciate the great input and it’s helping me to write the story.

        Please stay safe. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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