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    I Will Do Anything…


    Biting her lower lip, Tina lifted the black metal box from the brown cardboard box and felt the weight to it. She gently pried open the top.

    She felt her heart stop beating.

    “Please tell me this isn’t human…” she whispered to herself.

    Flipping over the piece of paper,


    Our game isn’t finished.

    See you soon…


    “Motherfucker…” Tina whispered to herself in the dark room.


    Chapter 10:

    Quickly shutting the lid, Tina picked up the box and her phone from the table. She ran towards her office and opened the safe. Grabbing her second gun and ‘work’ cellphone, she placed the cellphone she got from the bag and the note into the locked container. She faintly closed the office door and glanced down the hallway towards the master suite where she knew Bette was waiting for her. Trying to stay as quiet as she could, she walked towards the front door of her apartment and walked out.

    “Answer…” she whispered to herself, holding the phone up to her ear as she neared the stairwell.

    “Tee?” a voice came from the speaker… “it’s like midnight, what are you doing?”

    “Beckett?” Tina said… “I need you to meet me.”

    “Is this a booty call?”

    “Lexi!” Tina said, “I need for you to meet me…somewhere private.”

    “You’re in D.C.?”  Lexi asked, getting up from her bed and running her fingers through her hair. “When the hell did you come into town?”

    “This isn’t the time…can you meet me?” Tina asked again.

    “Yeah,” Lexi nodded… confused as hell. “Come by.”

    “I’ll be there in 15,” Tina said, hanging up the phone.

    What the hell? Lexi thought as she quickly got dressed and walked into her kitchen.


    20 Minutes Later:

    “You’re late…” Lexi said as she opened the front door to see the blonde.

    Tina walked in past Lexi and headed towards the kitchen. “I have a favor to ask…”

    Lexi turned… “come in,” she whispered and went to follow Tina into her kitchen. Even though she noticed the calmness, she knew there was something off about the blonde. “What’s wrong?”

    Tina sat down on one of the stools in the kitchen and took out the black box, “can you tell me if this is human?”

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    1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for posting another chapter… I really needed it today
      Finally B and T time
      I hope the girls and Tina’s friends are safe
      Amazing as always
      Looking forward to the next

    2. When I first started reading this story I wasn’t completely sure which direction it could go in especially finding out that Tina has been working with the FBI set in the l word real time. But the more I read this story, the more I can’t see Tina doing anything but! I’m completely hooked!

      I absolutely love Bette and Tina in this story. The affection you write for them is so nurturing. They’re strong and stable together regardless if Tina is still hiding some things. But obviously we’ll find out why all in good time! Anyways thank you for the extra post and PPS!!!

    3. Hm, besides fact that Tina continue to lie Bette i don’t understandt one thing – what all characters from TLW doing in D.C. besides Tina?
      Bette – abandon her business in gallery in LA to stroll behind Tina like helpless puppy. Obviously she absolutely not helping in investigation, because she don’t understand nothing about that. She only make it more difficult, because all agents need not only catch criminals, but and keep Bette safe. And hey, how even civilian can be involved in FBI investigation?
      Angelica – spending all her time with her aunts, because her mothers too busy to spend time with daughter.
      Kit, Helena (both also abandon their businees – clubs Hit and Planet), Alice (don’t even remeber where she working right now), Shane (it’s easy – she’s not working) – spending all time just, i don’t know – what they all doing in D.C. besides wathcing Angelica?
      And forgot one thing – this Tina not only agent, but obviously slut too. Henry, Helena second time, Kate, Lexi, Brenda, Sam, Bette – obviously this woman can only jump from one affair to another and scare be by her own

      • Tina’s lying is to primarily protect not only her primary family (bette and angie) but her team as well. the last time tina went against ‘him’ AJ got a bullet through her chest. tina is not going to risk anything.

        as to talk about why everyone is there: it’s mainly out of curiousity and emotional support for bette. if that includes watching angie so bette can try to grasp tina’s hidden life, then that’s what they are there for. they won’t be there the whole time as you pointed out they have lives of their own.
        i do disagree with you on bette following tina like a helpless puppy. i think if my life partner had a hidden life and offered me a chance to see it, i would try and find a way to do so.

        • Maybe Bette want to know about Tina’s life, but she can’t be with her during investigation. Just can’t because she’s not law enforcement or private investigator. If she will be hurt during investigation first go to the jail not criminal, who hurted her, but the agent, who allowed her be a part of team.

          • Not necessarily. I based this ‘program’ off the fact that many civilians are eligible to go along with police officers and there are certain safety precautions one must take in order to do so. You have to sign multiple forms in order for the department to grant you access.
            Now, do they have one for the FBI? They have internships for eligible undergrads and grad students. But for regular civilians? probably not. But this is why this is fiction.
            I based my ‘program’ off a normal ride along with a police department for normal civilians.

            And Bette didnt get hurt :)

    4. Such a incredible story!!! I am addicted!!!

      I also wonder why the other girls are doing in DC, don’t they have a life on their own?

      Tina was a very busy girl with her affairs with Helena and Lexi and they both want her. Tina should talk with Bette about her past affairs before Bette hears it from someone else, it will hurt her terrible. Now i know they were not together at that time and free to have interludes with others, but it would still sting.

      I think it is a insider that threatens Tina, or at least one that give away details and is someone close to them.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!!!

    5. I am really loving this fic. I have only watched criminal minds a hand full of times so am not very familiar with the story line but this is excellent so far. I will be glad when Tina comes clean about Helena, and Bette needs to let Tina know what is going on with Jenny’ crazy ass so they can stop second guessing if one or the other will run when they find out. Please post very soon.

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