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    In The middle of the Night

    Tina lay awake, looking at the ceiling of the room she was staying in, everything about this house said that Bette had money. The house was very Bette, she hadn’t even changed the soap she used in the bathroom it was all the same.

    Tina threw her arm overhead, she couldn’t stop thinking about Bette. who she knew was two floors up. They had watched a movie, Tina had fallen asleep and woke with her head on Bette’s shoulder, Bette hadn’t moved, like she was fine with it but Tina had got up at once. Like she’d pulled away and she hadn’t meant to do that.

    She looked at the clock beside the bed and saw it was half one in the morning. She should be sleeping. Yet her mind wouldn’t rest. She lay there for another fifteen minutes before she got up and headed upstairs. She found herself wondering up to the second floor, she saw Angie’s room, her name on the door, the door slightly ajar it was a teenagers room, with gargets and posters. Tina then walked along opening the other door on this floor and she found Bette’s room, it was massive, with it’s own bathroom. Their was a large bed in the middle. Bette sleeping, or seemed to be, her arm thrown over her forehead.

    “Are you okay?” Bette’s voice was rough with sleep.

    “Sorry I didn’t mean to wake you,” Tina whispered. “I erm…I’m sorry.” Tina went to leave the room,

    “Don’t leave,” Bette said softly.  Sitting up she flipped on the lamp, seeing Tina in shorts and t-shirt. She looked cute.

    “I shouldn’t be in here Bette,” Tina said slowly.

    Bette threw the sheets back and got out of bed, she was wearing a tank top and baggy lounge pants. she walked over to Tina, in that moment she made a choice. A choice that meant she would be with her woman. That she would reclaim her woman completely and utterly. Bette slipped her arms around Tina’s hips. Pulling Tina into her, Tina went willingly her own hands wrapping around Bette’s neck. Bette moved forward and slowly and surely captured Tina’s lips, deepening the kiss when she heard Tina moan softly. Tina’s body shaking with need and want. Bette was calm. Very gently she started to remove Tina’s shirt.

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    1. So much for taking things slowly. But this is Bette and Tina… once they are in close proximity, they are drawn together like metal to a magnet. Bette certain seems certain that she wants Tina back. Tina seems a little less sure. But maybe I am reading a little more into the story than what is expected. But the fact that they are now talking about Tina meeting Angie… that is a good sign.

      Thanks for the update… cannot wait to read more.

    2. Going slow they both agreed? Hmm, seems this is slow for them, it’s Tibette after all and they already were apart for 17 years.

      Let’s meet Angie and not only teenagers love pizza, yummy!

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