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    In The middle of the Night

    “I was, then I woke up my bed was empty and for a split second I thought I dreamt about us making love,”

    “No Bette, that happened,” Tina smiled as she moved to plate up and Bette simply moved with her.

    Bette gently kissed her neck,

    “I’ve missed your cooking,”

    “It’s egg, bacon and toast.”

    “Yeah but usually I throw toast in the toaster and have to get a teenager out the house,”

    “Well today, you get to sit and enjoy breakfast,” Tina smiled, she felt good. Just being this close to Bette, feeling her close.



    “I love you, I don’t want to waste time, I want you,”

    “You had me,” Tina giggled as she buttered the toast and Bette just wasn’t letting her go

    “No, I don’t think you get it, baby, I want you all the time. I’ve missed seventeen years of holding you, making love to you,  listening to you moan, watching your flush as you cum on my hand, my tongue, me. I’m selfish still, deep down I’m still Bette ‘fucking’ Porter.”

    Tina turned in Bette’s arms and looked at her.

    “One night of passion and you want all that?” Tina raised her eyebrow at her.

    “Yes, sleeping beside you…” Bette took a breath, taking in Tina’s smell. A smell she had missed. “I had the best night sleep I’ve had in a long time.”

    “That was the sex Bette,”

    “It wasn’t just sex,”

    “No it wasn’t.” Tina admitted as she turned again and finished making their breakfast, she picked up the plates and Bette let go of her, They sat at the table and Bette eat with one hand, her other one was gently running her fingers along Tina’s arm.

    They eat in silence. Bette just wanted to keep touching her, after seventeen years of not being able to touch her she couldn’t help herself.

    “That’s the best breakfast I’ve had in a while.”

    Tina shook her head,

    “It was simple food Bette,” She laughed,

    “Yeah I know but Honey I’ve missed your cooking,”

    Tina smiled, They sat there for a few minutes,

    “Erm, I’m going to shower and get dressed, we still going out?”

    “Yeah, I should do the same.” Bette said not wanting to let go of Tina, but knowing she had too.

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    1. So much for taking things slowly. But this is Bette and Tina… once they are in close proximity, they are drawn together like metal to a magnet. Bette certain seems certain that she wants Tina back. Tina seems a little less sure. But maybe I am reading a little more into the story than what is expected. But the fact that they are now talking about Tina meeting Angie… that is a good sign.

      Thanks for the update… cannot wait to read more.

    2. Going slow they both agreed? Hmm, seems this is slow for them, it’s Tibette after all and they already were apart for 17 years.

      Let’s meet Angie and not only teenagers love pizza, yummy!

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