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    In The middle of the Night

    Tina walked into the spare bedroom’s bathroom. She just took a moment to herself. She looked in the mirror. Seeing  that she looked calmer than she had in a long time. She got into the shower, taking her time wash her body, her hair. She then checked her scar, a habit she has still had from the early days after her surgery. She got out of the shower, dressing quickly and drying her hair. She then took her morning medication before she went back upstairs. She was casually dressed in a shirt and jeans, she smiled when saw Bette in pants and a black sweater. She was putting her stuff into her purse.

    Tina walked over to Bette and gently rested her hand on Bette’s back. Smiling as Bette looked around at her.

    “You okay Tina?” She asked softly

    “Yeah, ready to spend some time with you.” Tina admitted,

    “Let’s do this,” Bette laughed.




    They arrived back to Bette’s house just after five. They had been out all day, shopping, talking, laughing. Enjoying each other’s company. Tina put the bags down on the sofa as they walked in.

    “Bette?” She asked as Bette closed and locked the door.


    “When I can I meet Angie?”

    “When would you like to meet her?”

    “Well if this is real and what we are doing is going to meet we are getting back together, it might be a good idea that I meet your daughter,”

    “My daughter will love to meet you. maybe we could go out for dinner in the week, maybe Tuesday,”

    “Yeah I can do that. What does she like to eat?”

    “She’s fifteen what do you think she likes to eat,”


    “Yeah she loves pizza,”

    “I know a good Italian I could book us into.”

    “Yeah I would love that,” Bette said grinning.



    “I don’t want to jump to conclusions but will you…erm…you know…erm…sleep in my bed again tonight,”

    “Do you want me too?” Tina asked, seeing a nervous look in Bette’s eye a look she hadn’t really seen before.

    “I couldn’t think of anything I would like more,”

    “Then I will.” Tina smiled. “I love you Bette Porter and those feelings are flooding back so strongly.”

    “I love you too,” Bette smiled, “Shall I sort us some dinner.”

    “We have left overs from yesterday,” Tina reminded her,

    “I’ll heat it up,” Bette nodded before heading into the kitchen. She had her world back, she just had to keep it.

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    1. So much for taking things slowly. But this is Bette and Tina… once they are in close proximity, they are drawn together like metal to a magnet. Bette certain seems certain that she wants Tina back. Tina seems a little less sure. But maybe I am reading a little more into the story than what is expected. But the fact that they are now talking about Tina meeting Angie… that is a good sign.

      Thanks for the update… cannot wait to read more.

    2. Going slow they both agreed? Hmm, seems this is slow for them, it’s Tibette after all and they already were apart for 17 years.

      Let’s meet Angie and not only teenagers love pizza, yummy!

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