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    Bette opened the large front door of their home and smiled as Shane stood there, they were hosting their first ‘family’ night which had been a regular event at Bette’s old house, but hadn’t been a thing for a while,

    “You’re first here,” Bette smiled before hugging her friend,

    “Well we were going to come together but then Alice and Dana were running late, Helena had a meeting and I just bored and decided to come early. I hope it’s alright,” Shane said as she followed Bette into the kitchen and put her pack of beer down. Bette picked them up and started to put them into the fridge.

    “It’s fine, I’ve finished for the day anyways.”

    “What about Tina?”

    “She’s just on a call in the studio, she’s just first a commission piece and trying to get it delivered to it’s new owner.”

    “Who would that owner be?”

    “Peggy Peabody,” Bette smiled

    Shane grinned at the pride on her friends face.

    “Wow I hope she paid top dollar,”

    “She did, Tina is going to need an assistant, not that she’s going to admit it. she does everything herself. including her taxes. I woke up this morning to her sat here doing her taxes.”

    “You seem shocked,”

    “Shane even I have an accountant. Tina runs the place herself.”

    “And she’s not even big headed.”

    “She doesn’t know how to be big headed.” Bette smiled. “Unlike me.”

    “You’ve just got a bit of an ego,”

    “What’s that supposed to mean?” Bette laughed

    “You know what it means. I’ve framed my napkin put it up in my room.”

    “She draws to escape.”

    “I don’t blame her, but I’m in love with it, I know it’s a quick drawing but the detail.” Shane shook her head. “I’m totally amazed.”

    “I’m amazed every day.”

    “That’s because you’re in love with her.”

    “She’s my world.” Bette grinned as she moved around the kitchen. Putting together the food that was to go on the grill outside.

    “I can see that, she’s got some talent.”

    “Yeah and to think she could have ended up a lawyer.”

    “I couldn’t see her doing that.” Shane laughed.

    Tina came into the house, wearing baggy jeans and t-shirt that were covered in paint.

    “Hey Shane, sorry I’m not ready,” Tina looked down at herself.

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    1. I do like this story. I like the progressession of this relationship between the friends as Tina. Now it looks like Tina is going to teach the group to cook? This ought to be interesting.

      Thanks for the update…..

    2. Slowly Tina is starting to relax in company. That’s a good sign.

      Alice and her big mouth, why are they even friends? She better listen to Bette about privacy.

      Great chapter!

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