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    Internet Connections

    Bette sat at her dinning table and opened Mac book pro. She typed in her password and opened the messenger service.  She wasn’t even sure if Tina was going to reply to her but it was worth trying. Since they had meet a few nights before Bette couldn’t get Tina out of her mind. Bette opened and new message and typed in Tina’s email and requested a link to talk to her. While she waited she sipped on her glass of water and picked up the book she had ordered off the internet. She was doing her research as Tina had requested and then more she read the more her knees weakened. Bette a soft bing bought Bette’s attention back to her computer


    Tina Kennard is now linked a private chat with you.


    Bette smiled when she that. She took a deep breath before she started to type.


    Bette Porter:

    Hello Tina, I hope you are well.

    Tina Kennard:

    Hi Ms Porter, I see you’ve given in and added me. :)


    Bette grinned, she wasn’t sure why Tina kept calling her Ms Porter, it was like she was trying her hardest not to get too personal with her. like she was still distancing herself from her. Bette took a moment before she started to type again


    Bette Porter:

    Well, you requested that I did some research.

    Tina Kennard:

    I did, and have you Ms Porter?

    Bette Porter:

    I have bought a couple of books, founds some websites. Looked into some fiction which got a bit too heavy and were mostly too heterosexual for me. I am still reading up on a lot.

    Tina Kennard:

    You are diving it head first.

    Bette Porter:

    Yes I suppose I am.

    Tina Kennard:

    May I ask why Ms Porter? I know you’ve never explore this before. I know you’ve got a rep as a player in West Hollywood. I even know that you normally walk into a bar, look around and choose which lady you would like to leave me. what makes you suddenly so interested in throwing all of that out of the window and kneeling for me?


    Bette took a deep breath at the thought of kneeling naked and bound before Tina. she shook her head where had that thought come from. She’d never explored her darker side. she had only really used it to get herself off, she had never spoken outload about it. With all relationships and one night stands she had been the alpha female. She took another deep breath before slowly typing her reply

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