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    Los Angeles….

    Alice Pieszecki walks into her house with a big smile on her face. She takes her heels off and tosses them somewhere and then quickly walks to her bedroom. She leans against the door and smiles as she watches her fiancé, who is busy packing the large suitcase sitting on the bed.

    Alice: So in like a week you’re finally gonna make an honest woman outta me.

    Tasha Williams keeps packing as she responds.

    Tasha:(smiles) I don’t think I had much of a choice in the matter.

    Alice walks over and wraps her arm around Tasha from behind.

    Alice: Oh stop trying to act like I don’t rock that world of yours. You and I both know that you wanted to lock this shit down.

    Tasha laughs as she turns around.

    Tasha: I never denied you rock my world, baby.

    Tasha leans in and kisses Alice.

    Tasha: I just can’t believe you talked me into not only having a destination wedding but also turning it into a damn week long vacation….with your friends, one of which I’ve never met.

    Alice: It’s gonna be so fun baby, you love my friends and the one you haven’t met will be no different, trust me.

    Tasha pecks Alice on the lips.

    Tasha: I’m sure I will….has everybody RSVP’d?

    Alice walks into the closet as she responds.

    Alice: Pretty much, I’m like the center of their universe so….

    Tasha:(laughs) Then why don’t they ever come visit?

    Alice walks out of the closet wearing only pants

    Alice: Baby I told you my friends are busy….like super busy. They’re superstars, literally.

    Tasha chuckles and rolls her eyes as she walks over to the suitcase and throws a few more items in.

    Tasha: I know, trust me.

    Alice: I’m just sayin, I’m not the only super successful one in the group ya know? I know I’m awesome but I’m not the only success story, honey.

    Alice winks at Tasha as she walks over to the dresser.

    Tasha: You sure they’re not gonna look down on me and my people for not being sports idols.

    Alice walks over to her fiancé and wraps her arms around her neck.

    Alice: What? Would you stop it, they would never. Besides we’re all old retired sports superstars, well most of us are retired….all dried up.

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    1. This one is going to be fun. Hope you let Bette whip the hell out of which ever of them is calling the shots. She doesnt deserve the crap they are dealing her? The Principal or whomever should make the bitches give back her jacket, she earned it. Besides thevlittle bitches dont have money, the parents do. On the other hand maybe she should tear up a few fancy cars and let them know that payback is a bitch, named Bette Porter.

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