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    Beverly Hills…

    Twenty-six-year-old Tina Kennard is in no rush as she showers and sings her standard morning ditty. She is just about to hit her favorite part of the song when there is a knock on the bathroom door.

    Tina: Almost done!

    Eric Walker is standing on the other side of the door wearing only a towel around his waist. He smiles and rests one hand on his hip and the other on the wall.

    Eric: I can hear you ya know? You’re just now at the bridge…. honey I have to get in there. I’m comin’ in.

    Tina laughs as she peeks from behind the shower curtain.

    Tina: You better not, you know the rules, no funny business past eight.

    The door slowly opens and Eric steps in and gives Tina his signature boy next door smile.

    Eric: I’m a bad boy, baby… you know I break rules every day of my life.

    Tina:(laughs) You break out into a cold sweat when you roll through a yellow.

    Eric walks over to the mirror and rubs his face.

    Eric: You have until I’m done shaving and then I’m coming in after you, young lady.

    Tina: Promises, promises

    Tina disappears behind the curtain and Eric starts to lather his face with shaving cream.

    Eric: So what’s on your docket today, hot stuff?

    Tina: Uh well I have a few scripts that I must get through by the end of the day and lunch with my mom before she heads back to Santa Barbara.

    Eric carefully slides the razor across his face.

    Eric: Hey did you ever call the movers?

    Tina turns the water off and opens the shower curtain.

    Tina: Shit, I forgot.

    Eric shakes his head as he wipes the residual shaving cream off his face.

    Eric: Don’t worry about it, I’ll just get Gloria on it.

    Tina steps out of the shower and starts to dry herself off.

    Tina: No I’ll do it.

    Eric walks over and wraps his arms around Tina’s waist.

    Eric: Sweetheart, we’re getting married in three months, don’t you think it’s about time you start to utilize the family’s resources?

    Tina: I told you I’m not losing my autonomy just because I’m marrying the Mayor’s chief of staff/son. I didn’t allow my family’s influences and money to do it and I’m certainly not going to start now.

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    1. Its one thing to do 2 post in a week, but two in one day, you trying to make me have a heart attack lol….So brilliant you are….This was hilarious…i was so sure the woman Eric was with was Bette, poor Dana..Meghan just doing too much, i cant with her lol……hahahahahaha this is gonna be good, but I didn’t expect anything less. Keep it coming.

    2. Just what tibettenation1 already mentioned, 2 post on one day! You are spoiling us!

      What a incredible funny first chapter, poor Dana, i thought too that the woman was Bette, thank god it wasn’t.

      Seems Tina has a crush on Bette and Bette doesn’t seem to notice it.

      I love Tibette stories and your are defiantely one of my favourite authors, i am looking forward to the next chapter!

      Thank you!

    3. It’s been a busy few days for me so I haven’t been on the site, so it’s a pleasant surprise seeing you post a new fic! Not sure why I don’t get notifications when you post like I do for BenMac. There’s definitely a glitch in the matrix.

      Again, your witty dialogue had me snickering. “Brian adjacent” was one of my favorite quips. Let’s see how fast Tina calls off the impending nuptials!


    4. Just re-read this story and remember why I favorited it! Can’t hardly
      wait for further developments. Truly enjoy the humor and the
      blossoming Tibette romance, even though Bette is apparently as
      yet oblivious to Tina’s picqued interest. I feel sure Tina is, herself,
      confused about it. Her awakening and Bette’s response will make
      for some enticing, “can’t put it down” reading! Keep up the good work
      and post again soon, my dear.

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