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    Is There A Chance?


    “Alice, are you okay? I heard-… Holy shit…” Shane whispered; stopping in her tracks to have Jenny bump into her back.

    Tina stood up to see the group enter the room; her gaze drifting from Shane, Kit, Jenny, Helena, and then Bette.

    Bette stood still as she looked at Tina; her heart stomping in her chest; her head getting dizzy as she stared at the blonde. She looked different; her face slimmer; eyes darker; hair longer; more beautiful.

    Tina’s gaze examined all their faces; locking onto Bette’s. The brunette was still as gorgeous as ever; her hair was shorter than the last time she saw her; her face aged- but still flawless in its appearance.

    “Tina…” Bette whispered the blonde’s name before Will’s face appeared at the door.

    “Sorry to interrupt but Tee, your phone was ringing; it’s Hailie,” Will said, reaching the phone into the crowd of women blocking the entrance.

    “Thanks,” Tina smiled before hesitantly nodding at the girls. Walking towards the door, she reached forward for her phone, briefly brushing against Bette as she exited. Putting the phone to her ear, “Hey, baby.”


    “There’s always a glimmer in those who have been through the dark.”


     “Mommy!” Hailie smiled widely into the speaker of the cell phone, “where you?”

    Tina laughed softly, briefly looking at the clock on the wall as she closed the conference door behind her, “I’m working sweetie. Why are you up so late?”

    “Not late,” the little blonde girl shook her head, putting her finger up to her mouth to shush the person in front of her. “Mommy, when you coming home?”

    “After this case, baby,” Tina sighed into the phone, “now; honey, it’s late. Want to tell me why you’re not in bed?”

    “Umm…” Hailie bit her lip in concentration. “Well, Ryan and me had some Ital-Italian ice?” the little hazel eyed girl’s face scrunched up in remembrance. “Yeah, I think that’s what it called.”

    “Italian Ice, huh?” Tina questioned, her eyes narrowing playfully in her lap before looking up to see Will coming through the door. “You know that has sugar, honey. I told you no sugar before bed.”

    “But mommy!” Hailie sighed dramatically, “you not here.”

    “So that means you can have it then?” Tina asked, shaking her head at the logic of her daughter. “That’s not how that works. Where is your Auntie Claire?”

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    1. Hey Kylie,

      Great to see a chapter again so soon.

      Really loved the talk between Bette & Tina. So Hailie is her daughter and Savannah is her other mother.

      I really understand that Bette walked out of the room, after everything they went through to have a baby, she learns that Tina had a baby with someone else and so soon in the relationship.

      Glad that Tina walked after Bette and she gave a explanation, she deserved a new love, but still so soon after she left Bette and LA, having a baby is a shock for Bette., But if Tina gives Bette a positive answer, Bette will love Hailie as her own child.

      Please let Tina answer Bette’s question asap. I think there is a chance!!!!

      We Tibette fans deserve a happy Tibette at the end, because the new show is making me feel depressed, although i try to stay positive and that Tibette is still happy in love and together 🤞🙏

    2. Well, Tina really did end her relationship with Bette five years ago. She mourned her loss of Bette and moved on with her life completely. New relationship and a new family in a place which is 3000 miles away. Everything she did said the relationship with Bette was over with no chance of being rekindled. And Bette’s only indication that the relationship was over was that Tina never return or communicated with her in any form or fashion. Bette attempts to move on but is not successful. She is in a relationship which is not very satisfactory and she is absolutely stressed with the seeing of her lover for the first time in five years. Tina’s revelations make it clear that Bette is a part of her past. But Bette is in hope that perhaps there is a chance. Bette loves Tina with all of her being, but does Tina love Bette? Have they matured enough to face their prior problems and resolved those issues? Are they mature enough to establish a brand new relationship with new problem solving methods and communication skills? Are they willing to be fully open with each other? Are they willing to fight for their relationship? Bette appears to be ready to do what it takes. Tina? Is Bette what she really wants? At the moment, it would appear that this murder case is the only thing that has brought them together. Tina is motivated by nostalgia for the good times with Bette but appears to be emotionally detached from Bette. If Bette is to have a chance, Tina is going to have to be more than just willing to see her. She is going to have to desire to be with Bette again. And that desire has been gone a long time.

      Although it was a good conversation between Tina and Bette, I feel that Tina is responding with her professional training in trying to give comfort and healing to those in pain as a result of events which happen which they cannot control. She goes to Alice’s aid to help her understand that Dana’s death was not her fault. She does the same for Bette; the loss of their baby was not either of their fault, the breakup of their relationship was not totally Bette’s fault. This is a start, but there is so much more that they need to discuss. I think Tina desires a friendship but is probably not ready for a relationship. I think that she is still grieving over Savannah. Hailie takes up much of her free time. Is she interested in Bette other than as a friend? Hopefully we will see that in the up coming chapters.

    3. Geeeezzzz!.. ok.. fuck yeah! Tina wants Bette back but yeah seems to be only a fairy tale dream Bette is blurting out.. I dont see Tina leaving Va. So Bette will have to prove herself to Tina.. show her shes willing to go the distants for her.. and i think she will.. but not with out some ups and downs.. and don’t think i have forgot you killed Dama off! Lol.. thank you great spin.

    4. Kylie. I do love this story and am nail biting for the next chapter. I see Bette visiting Tina in Virginia and loving Tina’s little girl so much that she may go back to LA, break it off with Jodie, quit her job and find another one at Georgetown University. That may not happen but it is my fantasy. Please keep writing

    5. I’m LOVING this story so far! Sorry to see Dana go, but the Bette and Tina trying to rekindle that chemistry and LOVE for one another again! To try to build a NEW relationship together with Tina’s babygurl, Haile….. IS. THERE. A. CHANCE!???? I certainly hope so!

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

    6. I am loving this story. Even though it was hard for Bette to hear that Tina had moved on so quickly, I am glad that Tina affirmed that she still loved Bette. I am hopeful you will bring them back together again and banish the sadness I am feeling from watching the trailers.

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