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    Is this a Game?

    Bette had gotten Tina back to her car. She felt bad about making her walk the almost half
    mile to where she parked it but didn’t trust to leave her alone on the bridge so she could
    retrieve it and pick her up.

    After Bette helps Tina into the passenger seat, she gets in on the driver’s side.
    Before starting the car, she looks at Tina. ”So, I know Huntington Hospital is only a few
    minutes from here, but I’d prefer to take you to Cedars-Sinai. It will probably take us a half
    hour to get there, but I think it’ll be a better option. I mean- ”

    Tina cuts off Bette’s rambling. ”I’d prefer to go to Cedars too. Actually, I live in
    West Hollywood. So, I would prefer taking a longer drive now to get to the hospital than a
    long drive home after… the exam.” Tina says the last words in a whisper.

    Bette starts the car and the holds Tina’s hand as she begins to pull off. ”Cedars it is.” —
    They drove silently to the hospital; their hands firmly clasped together. Bette parked in the
    ER lot, but Tina stopped her from getting out. Bette tried to calm her anxiety. ”It’s going to
    be okay Tina. I promise, I’ll be with you the whole time.”

    Tina shakes her head. ”That’s not it. I don’t want to get recognized.”

    Bette looks at her confused. ”Recognized? Recognized by whom?”

    Tina looks away. ”I’m the Chief Development Executive for Alphaville.”

    ”Why does that sound familiar? Tina…Kennard?”

    ”That’s me…”

    ”Small world.” Now Tina looks at her confused. ”You probably don’t remember me;
    you make so many movies. You used my gallery as a location in a film almost a year ago.”

    ”Porter? Bette Porter?” The reality of who she’s sitting with hits her. ”Is this a
    game? Are you playing with me, Bette?!”

    Bette is stunned by the turn of emotions not understanding why Tina’s mad. ”What
    do you mean Tina? Of course, I’m not playing with you! Why would I be playing you?”

    ”It just so happens that poor pathetic Tina could melt the cold heart of West
    Hollywood’s biggest lothario? Yeah, I doubt that very much.” Tina begins rambling, mostly
    to herself. ”I’m so stupid. Of course, this was a joke. I’ve only ever been good for a quick
    fuck, why would this be any different. Even after everything, I’m still dumb enough to
    believe any bullshit shoveled my way.” Tina looks at Bette. ”Why’d you stop me, Bette? I
    promise the sex wouldn’t have been worth it… I’m damaged goods.” Tina looks away. “I
    could have been free…”

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