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    Is this a Game?

    Tina starts to get out of the car, but Bette pulls her back in. Tina notices the tears
    welling in her eyes but is sure she’s still being played. ”Please, Tina. This is not a game. I
    do care about you; I meant everything I said on the bridge.” Tina scoffs. Bette looks down,
    and Tina can see the tears falling from her eyes. ”I understand why you don’t believe me. I
    know my reputation…” Bette sighs as she wipes her eyes. ”It may not be the same, but I
    feel worthless sometimes too. I know people think I like to ’love them and leave them’ but
    what would you do if people only wanted to be with you for your looks, or your status, or
    the things you can afford? Everyone assumes I’m cold hearted because I’m the one walking
    away in the middle of the night, but the women I sleep with don’t want me for more than
    my body anyway. I may use them to satisfy my physical needs, but they’re using me too.”
    Bette looks back at Tina. ”You have no reason to trust or believe me, but I’m asking you to
    anyway. You asked why I stopped you, but I answered that already – I’m sure you’re my
    soulmate. The emotions I’m feeling for you, a woman I’ve just met, can only be explained
    by some existential meaning. I’m not here to use you or play you. I’m going to take you into
    that hospital and stick by you as promised. Then, I’m going to spend the rest of the
    foreseeable future proving that what I’m feeling is real… and that you’re really feeling it
    too.” Bette takes notice of Tina’s softened posture and implores further. ”Please, let me do

    Tina looks down before answering. ”Okay… but please Bette… don’t hurt me.”

    Tina wipes a stray tear as she whispers, ”I wouldn’t survive your betrayal.”

    After Tina agrees to let Bette help her, Bette calls the hospital from the parking lot
    explaining what they’re there for, who Tina is, and why they need discretion. The ER staff
    agrees to try to conceal Tina’s presence; they send out a security guard who escorts Bette
    and Tina to a private room by way of the ambulance bay entrance.

    A nurse enters the room. Before addressing Tina, she asks Bette to leave. Tina
    begins to panic and grips Bette’s hand tightly. She pleads, ”Please! I want her to stay!
    Please! I need her with me!” The nurse complies and places paper on the floor saying that
    she’d be back shortly with the doctor.

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