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    Is this a Game?

    When they’re alone Bette tries to calm Tina as much as possible given the situation.
    She holds her face gently between both of her hands as she speaks softly. ”Look at me
    Baby.” Tina lifts her eyes so they’re making contact. ”You’re safe here. I know this is going
    to be uncomfortable and it’s going to feel like a trauma of its own, but I’ll be right here with
    you the whole time. I’ll hold your hand as much as possible. If it becomes too much you tell
    them to stop and we’ll take a break. Look at me the whole time and I will give you

    Tina brings herself into Bette’s arms and enjoys the comfort and safety she finds
    there. She whispers into Bette’s neck, ”Thank you for being here with me.”

    Before Bette can begin to respond, they hear a quick knock and a detective, a
    doctor, and the nurse from earlier enters the room. Bette feels Tina tense in her arms, so she
    rubs her hand in soothing circles against her back to calm her.

    Tina turns around as they approach. The doctor reaches her hand out as she speaks,
    and Tina shakes it. ”Hi Tina, I’m Dr. Davies.” The doctor pulls her hand back and indicates
    the detective. ”This is Detective Jackson.”

    The detective shakes her hand as she speaks. ”Please, call me Kate.”

    As the detective pulls her hand back the doctor indicates the nurse. ”And I believe
    you’ve met Nurse Lindsey.” After the quick introduction Dr. Davies turns her attention to
    Tina’s guest. ”And who are you?”

    Bette offers her hand for a handshake as she keeps her left arm around Tina’s waist;
    Tina melted into her side. ”Bette Porter.” Bette states simply.

    ”Hi Bette. It may be best if you sit in the waiting room while we perform the exam.”

    Bette feels Tina tense again but responds before Tina panics. ”I promised Tina I
    would stay with her the whole time, and that’s what I intend to do.”

    Dr. Davies looks to Tina for confirmation. ”Is that what you want Tina?”

    Tina nods her head as she whispers, ”Yes, I don’t want Bette to leave me… I need
    her here.”

    Dr. Davies smiles at Tina. ”Of course, Tina; whatever helps you feel more
    comfortable.” Dr. Davies waits a beat before continuing. ”Well, Tina, when you’re ready
    we’re going to begin the rape kit. I’ll explain what I’m going to do before I do it so as not to
    startle you. Kate is going to take your statement as we perform the exam, so give her as
    many details as you remember. Are you okay to get started now?”

    Tina looks to Bette hoping to gather the offered strength before responding, ”Yes.”

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