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    It’s Gonna Be Okay

    Edgewood, New Mexico- October 28, 2009- Wednesday

    Tina and AJ quietly walked through the hotel lobby and entered the elevator. The team decided to take turns on who would work and who would try to get a couple hours of sleep. Now it was their turn for the latter.

    “Did you get a hold of Joan?” Tina asked the blonde next to her.

    “Yeah,” AJ nodded. “She is drawing up papers as we speak…well maybe not right this second,” she commented as she looked at the time on her watch.

    “You want me to be there when you tell him?”

    AJ looked up at Tina with a small smile.

    “I will,” Tina reassured her. “Just tell me when and I’ll be standing behind you.”

    “I know…” AJ said. “Can I tell you something?”

    “Anything,” the blonde said. “You know that.”

    AJ nodded and looked down at the carpet. “I’m kind of scared.”

    Tina wrapped her arm around AJ and pulled her close. “You gotta do what’s best for you and those beautiful kids of yours. If Matt’s drinking is causing a problem and he doesn’t want to fix it, then that’s on him.”

    “I know…” AJ whispered in Tina’s neck. “I just never thought I would get divorced…or I guess me doing the divorcing.”

    Tina kissed the side of her head. “I know… So, do you want me to?”

    AJ pulled away and looked at Tina. “Please.”

    Tina smiled into the blue eyes. “Always.”

    AJ smiled back and as the doors of the elevator opened up. “Thank you, Tee.”

    Tina nodded. “I’m always here for you and those kids. No matter what.”

    AJ gave Tina another smile, “I’m here for you too…and Bette and Angie. I hope you guys know that.”

    Tina smiled slowly, knowing how Bette reacted to AJ, “I do…Goodnight, A.”

    “Night, T.”

    Tina turned and quietly opened the door to the hotel room to notice the rays of moonlight cascade over Bette’s sleeping body. Shutting the door, she went to grab her suitcase when she heard a ruffling sound coming from the bed.

    “What time is it?” Bette sleepily asked, sitting up and rubbing her eyes.

    “Late,” Tina mumbled, “go back to sleep.”

    “Are you staying?”

    Tina got a tee and shorts from her suitcase and went over to gently kiss Bette on the head. “Yeah.”

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    1. Understanding now why all her crew pretty much are in love her (except Grayson who really treats her like a beloved daughter). Sure prayin’ that Tina shares the contents of the package with the team bc they all are in danger and it will take all of them to catch that slippery psyco!!! Uughh!!!

    2. I’m nervous about Helena. Tina needs to come clean to Bette about her daliace with Helena. My impression is that whatever happened occurred perhaps during a time when Tibette weren’t 2gether, but I could be wrong. Just feel like Heena is gonna spill the beans or flat out make a move on Tina

    3. Wow, that was a really intense chapter!

      For Bette to witness all of this and then the suicide, horrible. She know now what Tina does for work and can understand why she did go back to the job. It is amazing to read how they are a family and take care of each other.

      Tina should share with her team about the box she recieved, she can’t do this alone.

      Incredible story!

      I hope you will post soon!

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