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    It’s Gonna Be Okay

    “Let’s get serious for a minute,” Will said sitting down on the couch.  “Would you guys shoot your best friend in the leg for…10 million dollars?”

    “Absolutely,” Tina replied, eating her prized candy.

    “Excuse me?” Benny asked, arching his brow. “You would shoot me in the leg for 10 million dollars?”

    “Whoa,” Will said, holding his hands up to Benny. “I’m Tina’s best friend, not you.”

    “You’re both wrong,” AJ said cocking her brow.

    Bette watched with a smile at the banter.

    “Kenny…” AJ continued, staring at the blonde across from her. “You shoot me in the leg then when my leg heals, we can buy a big ass mansion and smoking hot cars.”

    Tina laughed, “Fuck…shoot me back and we’ll have 20 million to spend.”

    “Fuck yeah,” Greyson said, coming up behind the group and ruffling Benny’s hair, “fuck the system.”

    Bette laughed out loud and shook her head. She looked over to see Will wink at her and arch his brow.

    “You thinkin’ what I’m thinkin?” he asked the brunette.

    Bette smiled and nodded. “Fuck the system.”

    Benny just sat there and stared at Tina with a look of annoyance… “I’m not your best friend?”

    Tina couldn’t contain the smile and busted out laughing.

    “You know what? Fuck love. Love is dead and it never existed. I’m hurt beyond belief at this,” Benny continued to rant as he stared at Tina.

    Tina couldn’t stop laughing as she laid her head against Bette’s shoulder that also happened to be shaking due to her own laughter.

    “And to think I always let you eat my leftover mozzarella sticks…” Benny muttered to himself.


    Washington D.C. – October 29, 2009- Thursday

    “What time is it?” Bette asked, following Tina towards the apartment door.

    “A little after mid-night,” Tina answered, opening up the front door to her apartment.

    “Ayee!” Shane said, coming forward and hugging the two. “How did it go?”

    Bette looked down to the floor, not wanting to answer.

    Shane, getting the message, gave a small smile and nodded.

    Tina smiled back and led Bette into the living room, “it’s late and I’m tired. Bed?”

    Bette nodded and slowly made her way towards the master suite.

    “Oh-Tina,” Shane said from behind. “Some person dropped this off for you.”

    “What?” Tina asked, turning around. She noticed Bette stopped walking as well. “Go change, I’ll be in there soon.”

    Bette nodded and continued to walk down the hallway.

    Turning around, she walked back towards Shane who was holding a brown box. “Do you know who it was?”

    “Nah,” Shane shook her head. “Some guy though. Couldn’t be older than 21.”

    Nodding, Tina took it from her and felt some weight. She looked up at Shane, “Thanks for watching Angie for us.”

    “No problem,” Shane smiled. “It is getting late though.”

    “Crash here,” Tina smiled.

    Shane nodded and smiled. “Thanks, I’ll be in Angie’s room then.”

    Tina nodded and watched as the woman walked away. Biting her lower lip, she looked down at the box. She noticed it didn’t have a return label or any markings whatsoever on it. Walking towards her kitchen to grab a knife, she slowly cut open the top.

    She noticed a small square piece of paper that had specks of brown, orange, and dark red splattered on it. Picking it up, she saw what was behind it.

    A small cellphone was tucked neatly in a red velvet bag. Opening it up to inspect it, she noticed there were no contacts, but there were pictures.

    Greyson and Ivy walking out of the office.

    Bette and Angie at the airport.

    Mikey, and Sarah getting off the school bus.

    AJ holding Chris.

    JD and Rob at football practice.

    Helena, Shane, and Alice eating at a restaurant.

    Angie and Kit walking down the street.

    Biting her lower lip, Tina lifted the black metal box from the brown cardboard box and felt the weight to it. She gently pried open the lid.

    She felt her heart stop beating.

    “Please tell me this isn’t human…” she whispered to herself.

    Flipping over the piece of paper,


    Our game isn’t finished.

    See you soon…


    “Motherfucker…” Tina whispered to herself in the dark room.


    To be continued:


    Credit for case and info: crm minds season 5 ep. 17

    Any of you who do watch Crim. Minds…after that finale… Jemily forever



    1. Understanding now why all her crew pretty much are in love her (except Grayson who really treats her like a beloved daughter). Sure prayin’ that Tina shares the contents of the package with the team bc they all are in danger and it will take all of them to catch that slippery psyco!!! Uughh!!!

    2. I’m nervous about Helena. Tina needs to come clean to Bette about her daliace with Helena. My impression is that whatever happened occurred perhaps during a time when Tibette weren’t 2gether, but I could be wrong. Just feel like Heena is gonna spill the beans or flat out make a move on Tina

    3. Wow, that was a really intense chapter!

      For Bette to witness all of this and then the suicide, horrible. She know now what Tina does for work and can understand why she did go back to the job. It is amazing to read how they are a family and take care of each other.

      Tina should share with her team about the box she recieved, she can’t do this alone.

      Incredible story!

      I hope you will post soon!

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