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    It’s Gonna Be Okay

    “Mkay,” Bette muttered and went to lay back down, still looking at Tina.

    Tina quickly changed, put her gun and credentials in a safe spot, then got onto her side of the bed next to Bette. She turned around to face her. “Sorry I woke you up,” she whispered and kissed her softly on the lips.

    “Mmm,” Bette moaned and wrapped her arms around the blonde. “It’s okay… what time is it?”

    Biting her lower lip, “around 3:30… I have to be at the station around 9.”

    “We…” Bette corrected her. “And that’s only 5 and a half hours worth of sleep, baby. You’ve been up for days.”

    “Actually less…I have to be there at 9. Meaning, I have to wake up at around 8.”

    “Tee…” Bette mumbled, tightening her hold on the blonde. “You need to rest.”

    “Bette,” Tina kissed her once more. “With this job, it isn’t like I have to look through a whole bunch of scripts and budgets and if I can’t accomplish everything on time, nothing will happen besides us pushing schedule. This is life and death. Literally. If that means a little less sleep for me and a family back together with a killer off the streets, then less sleep is what I’m going to get.”

    Bette looked at her, not liking it but understanding where she was coming from. “Doesn’t mean you neglect yourself.”

    Snuggling deeper into the mattress, the blonde whispered, “go to sleep…we have to get up soon.”

    Bette looked at the tired beauty and sighed softly. “I love you,” she whispered into Tina’s blonde hair.

    “Love you, too,” the brunette heard the blonde say before falling into a restless sleep.

    7 hours later: Edgewood Police Department

    “The latest victim was younger than the others,” Will said as he sat down next to Tina and Bette.

    “Was she posed?” Benny asked coming into the room with a coffee.

    “Yup,” Will nodded, taking a sip of his energy drink.

    “So,” AJ walked into the room. “Nancy Campbell’s abduction just hit the news.”

    “Let’s hope he doesn’t see it,” Benny replied.

    “Why?” Bette asked the younger man.

    “He could panic,” Tina said turning her head to look at the brunette. “Dump her faster than he dumped the others.”


    1. Understanding now why all her crew pretty much are in love her (except Grayson who really treats her like a beloved daughter). Sure prayin’ that Tina shares the contents of the package with the team bc they all are in danger and it will take all of them to catch that slippery psyco!!! Uughh!!!

    2. I’m nervous about Helena. Tina needs to come clean to Bette about her daliace with Helena. My impression is that whatever happened occurred perhaps during a time when Tibette weren’t 2gether, but I could be wrong. Just feel like Heena is gonna spill the beans or flat out make a move on Tina

    3. Wow, that was a really intense chapter!

      For Bette to witness all of this and then the suicide, horrible. She know now what Tina does for work and can understand why she did go back to the job. It is amazing to read how they are a family and take care of each other.

      Tina should share with her team about the box she recieved, she can’t do this alone.

      Incredible story!

      I hope you will post soon!

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