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    It’s Gonna Be Okay

    Bette nodded and looked at the rest of the group.

    “But the real question is why did he dump one woman and take the next one within the span of an hour?” Rob asked.

    Hearing her phone ring, Tina snatched it from her pocket and put it on speaker. “What you got?”

    “A bloody and busy trucker, beautiful,” Ivy said through the phone. “I’ve been looking at the HSK database myself and I’ve connected four more victims to his guy.”

    Four more?! Bette thought looking at Tina. And was I hearing things or did she just publicly call Tina beautiful over the phone?

    “I’m sending you their names, now.” Ivy continued.

    “His count now sits at 10,” Greyson said leaning back.

    “Let’s get the photos that Ivy identified up on this board,” Rob gestured to the board containing numerous photos of bloody bodies. “If we figure out why he is choosing them, we find him.”

    How would they even do that?

    Two hours Later:

    “Look, he started killing way before we thought. All the women were young, jobs including bartender, prostitutes, gas station attendant, waitresses, and a female trucker. None were married…” Greyson did a run down looking at the list of victims.

    “Nancy is different,” Benny said. “She’s older, has her own kid, widowed…she is going to be getting more attention than the others.”

    “Taking Nancy was a huge risk…” Greyson said to Benny. “It doesn’t fit his M.O.”

    An officer came into the room and went straight towards Chief Owens. After talking for a couple of seconds, Owens turns to the two men. “We got something. Follow me.”

    The agents got up from the table and preceded to follow Chief Owens out of the room. In doing so, they passed Bette, Tina, and Will.

    “You know he had to have walked right past that minivan,” Tina leaned into Will and looked at Chloe sleeping on a bench nearby, uncomfortably she might add.

    “Why didn’t he take Chloe?” Bette asked the two agents, looking over at the young girl.

    “Maybe she’s too young,” Will suggested, looking at Bette. “Although, she is closer to the other victims age than her mother.”

    “The parking lot was completely deserted,” Tina said sitting down in the conference room and shutting the door quietly. She gestured for Bette to sit nearby. “He could have taken Chloe, and nobody would have seen a thing. Yet, he walks past her…because that’s not who he wanted,” Tina suddenly said, standing up to look at the board.


    1. Understanding now why all her crew pretty much are in love her (except Grayson who really treats her like a beloved daughter). Sure prayin’ that Tina shares the contents of the package with the team bc they all are in danger and it will take all of them to catch that slippery psyco!!! Uughh!!!

    2. I’m nervous about Helena. Tina needs to come clean to Bette about her daliace with Helena. My impression is that whatever happened occurred perhaps during a time when Tibette weren’t 2gether, but I could be wrong. Just feel like Heena is gonna spill the beans or flat out make a move on Tina

    3. Wow, that was a really intense chapter!

      For Bette to witness all of this and then the suicide, horrible. She know now what Tina does for work and can understand why she did go back to the job. It is amazing to read how they are a family and take care of each other.

      Tina should share with her team about the box she recieved, she can’t do this alone.

      Incredible story!

      I hope you will post soon!

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