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    It’s Her

    “That’d be great,” Tina smiled as she nodded towards the other officers. Turning around to follow Tasha, she looked over at Will. “This is the second body to be washed up in the last 3 months… why did the UnSub change tactics?”

    Will shook his head as he looked towards the ocean, “he could be experimenting…seeing which way is the most effective at concealing a body.”

    “No,” Tina shook her head as she whispered her response to Will, “he wants them to be found; he wants the attention. Why else would he send messages and letters to the department?”

    Will nodded, “but there isn’t a guarantee that the body would be washed on shore; it’s a risk….”

    “Not if he practiced,” Tina replied before looking at the suited man talking to a group of officers. “Or possesses some kind of background in fishing, boating…anything with water.”

    “Detective Anderson?” Tasha asked, interrupting the man’s conversation, “The BAU is here…”

    Detective Anderson looked up, “Chief Kennard?” he asked, putting his hand out to shake the blondes.

    “Yes,” Tina answered before she nodded her head in the direction of Will, “and this is my partner, Agent Morgan.”

    “I’m glad you guys were able to come out,” he said as he watched Officer Williams walk away.

    Tasha shook her head lightly as she quickly got her phone out of her pocket to text Alice:

    It’s her!!!

    “Oh boy…” Tasha whispered to herself, briefly turning her head around to see the agents and detective talking. “This is going to get interesting.”

    The Planet

    Alice’s phone began to buzz on the table, “oh shit, it’s Tash…”

    Shane scooted closer to the edge of her seat; her fingers interlocking with each other as she took a deep breath, “so?”

    Alice quickly opened the text message:

    It’s her!!!

    “Oh my God,” Alice whispered to herself before looking up at Shane, “TK is back…”

    “Holy shit,” Shane responded, falling back into her seat, “Bette is going to freak the fuck out.”

    Alice ran her tongue over her lips as she bit the lower half, “what do we do?”

    “I told her I’d let her know,” Shane sighed as she picked up her bag from the chair next to her, “but it’d probably be a better idea to do it in person than the phone.”


    1. Interesting chapter…so there has been some communication between Tina as some of the group just not Bette. And Tina wants Bette to know nothing about her life – nothing? Wonder why? The enters stage left a new character named Haili being greeted by “Hey Baby.” This is intriguing…. Waiting for the next chapter.

    2. Hi Kylie,

      A little late but i read the chapter.

      When Bette finds out that all of the gang had contact with Tina in her first year away, she will be mad amd sad.

      Savannah and Hailie?! People who Tina had / has a relationship with, can’t blame her, can’t expect Tina was single in those years.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

    3. Working on getting caught up.. geez …did you have to Kill Dana.. great frist to chapters even if it had to start out where it did..yeah i dont know why they wrote it to have Bette still fucking the carpenter. Just their way of prolonging the ill will towards Bette.. the love hate crap..but still didn’t really give good reason to her cheating to begin with. Any love the story I’m on to the next chapter. Thank you.. and get back to the books!

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