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    It’s Her

    “Especially to calm her down,” Alice said as she saw Kit walking up towards them.

    “Calm who down?” Kit asked, plopping down in one of the seats as she looked at the two women. “What’s happening.”

    “Tasha texted,” Alice said, looking at the older Porter, “Tina is here…”

    “I fucking knew it,” Kit nodded, clapping softly, “there was no way Tina wouldn’t come out here when she heard Dana was one of the victims.”

    “Yeah, but now I have to break the news to Bette,” Shane said, slinging her bag over her shoulder. “I’ll let you guys know what’s up.”

    Kit nodded as she watched Shane walk away before reconnecting her eyes to Alice, “my baby girl is going to lose it.”

    “I think she nearly lost it this morning,” Alice said, sighing as she leaned back in her seat. “I can’t wait to see her though,” the blonde smiled, looking down at her coffee. “I really should have stayed in contact with her.”

    “Hey,” Kit said, reaching forward to rest a hand on Alice’s back, “we all lost contact with Tina within the first year- life just got in the way, honey, for all of us. Besides, it was uncomfortable to be talking to her- knowing that she wasn’t talking to baby girl.”

    “I know,” Alice smiled softly, “I just wonder how much I missed…”

    “And I’m sure Tina is thinking the same thing,” Kit said, wrapping her arm around the writer.

    UC: 4 PM

    Bette sighed for the hundredth time in the last hour as her eyes ran across the clock hanging on her wall. Twirling a pen in her hand, she tried to grade the essays that were in front of her, but she couldn’t concentrate for more than a few minutes at a time.

    Hearing a soft knock at the door, she furrowed her brows before relaxing when she saw Shane’s head peeking through.

    “Rough morning?” Shane asked, sneaking into the office and closing the door behind her.

    “You could say that,” Bette answered, running a delicate hand through her hair, “what are you doing here? I thought you were going to call me?”

    “I think this should be done in person,” Shane said, looking directly into Bette’s dark eyes.

    Bette felt her heart begin to speed up at Shane’s answer, “Oh God… she’s here, isn’t she?”


    1. Interesting chapter…so there has been some communication between Tina as some of the group just not Bette. And Tina wants Bette to know nothing about her life – nothing? Wonder why? The enters stage left a new character named Haili being greeted by “Hey Baby.” This is intriguing…. Waiting for the next chapter.

    2. Hi Kylie,

      A little late but i read the chapter.

      When Bette finds out that all of the gang had contact with Tina in her first year away, she will be mad amd sad.

      Savannah and Hailie?! People who Tina had / has a relationship with, can’t blame her, can’t expect Tina was single in those years.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

    3. Working on getting caught up.. geez …did you have to Kill Dana.. great frist to chapters even if it had to start out where it did..yeah i dont know why they wrote it to have Bette still fucking the carpenter. Just their way of prolonging the ill will towards Bette.. the love hate crap..but still didn’t really give good reason to her cheating to begin with. Any love the story I’m on to the next chapter. Thank you.. and get back to the books!

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