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    It’s my fault…

    Bette continued to shake her head, “what are the other possibilities?”

    Greyson stared at her, “he kills them all.”


    Chapter 18:

    Unknown Location: April 5, 1997

    She felt like she was moving. The creaks of the wheelchair echoed through the hallway as an unidentified figure pushed her over the uneven slabs of concrete.

    Opening her hazel eyes, she was embraced by a flash of white. Blinking repeatedly, she tried to focus her disoriented vision with no luck.

    Looking up at the ceiling, she began to shake as the coldness seeped into her skin. Flashbacks of the other night flashed across her already blurry vision, bringing her pain back.

    “For an Agent like yourself,” the raspy voice whispered in the blonde’s ear, “you’re not very smart.”

    Tina jerked her head away; immediately feeling a wave of nausea hit her in the stomach.

    The unidentified man’s raspy laugh died down as he parked the wheelchair in front of the destination. Grabbing a needle from an enclosed case on the counter, he slowly walked over to the blonde strapped agent.



    Washington D.C. : April 5, 1997

    Shaking her head to try to stay awake, Delia got up from her desk and headed towards the coffee machine for the ninth time that night.

    “It’s been 3 days,” AJ whispered, handing the raven-haired agent a cup from the cabinet. “3 days since Kenny was taken.”

    Delia bit her lower lip and downed a shot of expresso, “don’t even think about reading me the statistics.”

    AJ shook her head as a tear escaped, “trust me-I don’t even want to think of them.”

    Delia filled her up and turned around to look around the office. It was nearing 3 a.m., yet there were dozens of Agents walking around like the night of the living dead.

    “I tried to get some sleep,” AJ interrupted Delia’s thoughts. “I just can’t.”

    “I haven’t slept since she was taken,” Delia replied, taking a gulp of her steaming coffee and wincing as the dark liquid burned her throat. “And I won’t until we find her.”

    AJ nodded as she looked across the bureau, “she’s the glue.”

    Delia looked to her right to see the blonde spacing out, “I know.”

    AJ looked up into Delia’s large doe eyes, “well-let’s go find her.”

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    1. So good but difficult to read!

      Please post again soon !

      I like the new characters and their input into the story.

      I would love Bette to get stronger and smarter.

      Thanks for the post more please

    2. It’s difficult 😔 for me to fathom the extent of heinous evil
      this psycho inflicts on his victims! I hope this ends soon, with
      proper retribution against this sicko in a ghastly and very
      painful manner! It is just too difficult to read about our heroes and heroines being slaughtered. Yes, this is fiction; however, it is
      uncomfortably close to the reality of today’s criminal world revealed daily on our TV screens. I think this speaks well of
      your crime writing abilities/talent, but I am hopeful that, unlike
      some real life outcomes, this story will conclude with the “good”
      guys rousing victory. Especially for Tina, Bette and all the BAU
      family, and without mental/emotional scarring for the remainder
      of their lives; which is what this insane perpetrator seems to want.
      Thanks for another riveting chapter, Kylie. Eagerly awaiting your next post.

    3. So many tortured with unmeasurable cruelty just to break one person???

      So how did FuckShit get access to Jenny’s iPhone video?

      How is it that the Team is unable to get even a single step ahead of this Demon?

      What is the purpose of everyone dying a torturous death?

    4. This was so hard to read. I wanted to enjoy the new characters but I felt something bad was going to happen so I wouldn’t allow myself that joy. I just can’t understand how someone can be so vile! I know there are people like the unsub and I am so grateful for professionals that make finding them their life’s work. They just scare me!…

    5. Finally was able to catch up on this chapter and just wow. I feel completely torn myself. What a complete nightmare! I hope this UnSub dies a VERY slow and painful death in this story since its fiction.

      Thanks again and PPS!

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