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    It’s my fault…

    “Will…” Tina whispered as she felt her body begin to shake.

    “Tell my mom and sisters that I love them. Tell the team that they have been the best family that a guy could have had… Ken, look at me.”

    Tina looked up to see the timer reach the 10 second mark.

    “I love you, okay? This is not your fault. Get out of here for…”

    Tina closed her eyes as she heard the timer go off. Squeezing them shut, she heard the most chilling scream as the machine ripped apart her partner.

    Falling to the ground, she covered her face as sobs escaped harshly from her.

    “Just think…” the voice reappeared from the speakers, “he could have been one of the agents looking for you, but instead, because you dragged him into this…he is dead.”

    Tears clouded her eyes as she glanced up to see the gates start to descend back into the ground.

    “Look at the pain you made him suffer…”

    Tina stared at Will…his body hanging limply in the air. “It’s my fault he was here…It’s my fault,” she whispered to herself.

    The room suddenly became dark as a small flash of light shot through a camera. Furrowing her brows, she carefully stood up and stumbled over to the light-briefly glancing at her dead partner.

    The light was square-then it started to get bigger.

    “What is that?” Tina whispered to herself, trying to brush away the tears that kept escaping her eyes. “Is that a video?”

    The light suddenly grew in size as it stretched across the entire white concrete wall-a video was playing.

    Tina staggered backward as she realized what was being played, “no.”

    It seems that Bette was keeping herself quite busy when you were in New York. You really thought you could be the one to keep her happy. You?” the raspy voice laughed.

    Tina shook her head as she fell backwards into a pool of her partner’s blood. Raising her sudden red-coated hands, she looked back up to see the video start to play on each of the four walls. “She wouldn’t do that,” the blonde harshly whispered to herself, continuing to shake her head as new tears began to escape.

    “You really believed her when she told you she loved you? That you and her would ride off into the sunset with your daughter and everything would be okay? You’re pathetic…it’s quite sad.”

    The blonde sat there silently in front of her dead partner as tears rolled down her cheeks-the blood soaking into her skin as she continued to watch the never-ending loop of Bette going down on Kelly.

    She felt completely numb.

    “The game shall continue.”



    1. So good but difficult to read!

      Please post again soon !

      I like the new characters and their input into the story.

      I would love Bette to get stronger and smarter.

      Thanks for the post more please

    2. It’s difficult 😔 for me to fathom the extent of heinous evil
      this psycho inflicts on his victims! I hope this ends soon, with
      proper retribution against this sicko in a ghastly and very
      painful manner! It is just too difficult to read about our heroes and heroines being slaughtered. Yes, this is fiction; however, it is
      uncomfortably close to the reality of today’s criminal world revealed daily on our TV screens. I think this speaks well of
      your crime writing abilities/talent, but I am hopeful that, unlike
      some real life outcomes, this story will conclude with the “good”
      guys rousing victory. Especially for Tina, Bette and all the BAU
      family, and without mental/emotional scarring for the remainder
      of their lives; which is what this insane perpetrator seems to want.
      Thanks for another riveting chapter, Kylie. Eagerly awaiting your next post.

    3. So many tortured with unmeasurable cruelty just to break one person???

      So how did FuckShit get access to Jenny’s iPhone video?

      How is it that the Team is unable to get even a single step ahead of this Demon?

      What is the purpose of everyone dying a torturous death?

    4. This was so hard to read. I wanted to enjoy the new characters but I felt something bad was going to happen so I wouldn’t allow myself that joy. I just can’t understand how someone can be so vile! I know there are people like the unsub and I am so grateful for professionals that make finding them their life’s work. They just scare me!…

    5. Finally was able to catch up on this chapter and just wow. I feel completely torn myself. What a complete nightmare! I hope this UnSub dies a VERY slow and painful death in this story since its fiction.

      Thanks again and PPS!

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