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    It’s Only the Beginning

    Before entering the club, she sees a Taxi and goes over and knocks on the window. “Can you give me 3 minutes? I’ll pay you extra if you hold this for me?”

    The guy turned around and shrugged… “sure, but it’s going to be an extra $100.”


    Tina turned around and headed towards the noisy club with the long line out front. Heading back towards the VIP section, she hears Alice’s voice.

    “Hey you, we order you another southern comfort but I was hoping we could all take some tequila shots.” The blonde shouted towards her.

    Ignoring the blonde, Tina turns towards Bette and grabs her hands.

    “Look, what I’m about to say right now is going to confuse you and I don’t have the time to explain and I’m sorry, but I have to go to D.C. right now.”

    Furrowing her brows, Bette looks at Tina and notices the tear stains etched into her face. “What’s wrong?”

    The rest of the group notices Tina is slightly shaking.

    “A friend of mine got hurt and I have a one-way ticket that leaves in 3 hours so I have to quickly get home and pack.”

    “I’ll come with you…” Bette says getting up, an amalgamation of confusion and worry on her face.

    “I have only one ticket and you need to stay with Angie because I don’t know how long I’ll be gone for…I have to go. Now. I’ll call you tomorrow, I promise.” Tina kissed Bette gently on the lips and turns around and heads for the doors.

    “Wait-…” Bette starts to move towards the exit when Kit grabs her arm.

    “Look, Baby Girl I don’t know what that’s all about but what are you doing to do? Tee has only one ticket and you need to stay here with Little Porter.”

    Not liking the sound of it, Bette tries to go towards the exit again only to be pulled back by Kit. “Let me go.”

    “I hope TK’s friend is okay,” Alice interrupts. “I wonder what happened…”

    “Why D.C.? I thought Tina was from North Carolina?” Helena asked slightly tipsy but concerned.

    “You do know people have the ability to move right?” Shane arched her brow towards the Englishwoman.

    Squinting her eyes towards Shane, she looks at Bette who looks utterly confused, worried, and slightly agitated that Kit won’t let go of her.

    “We will find out tomorrow, but how about we all head over to your place and see if Tina is still there and we can just hang out over there, okay?” Shane says trying to find an equal ground.

    “Okay…that’ll work.” Kit grabs Bette’s hand and the rest of the group follows out of the front door.

    To Be Continued.


    1. Hi! It’s seems all wrong with Tina in this story

      1) She lives with Bette more than 10 years and never told her nothing about her “other family”. Bette needs to ask herself after this – about what Tina also lied, is she ever tell her truth about other thing?
      2) Tina leaves her daughter and partner abruptly without even proper explaination – i see that she made her choise which “family” (sorry but friends never can be true family for me) more important for her.
      3) I understand that in your storie Tina play lead role, but Bette – you ok with that kind of partner, who lied you all her life?
      4) I see Tina still tried humiliate Bette telling everybody about her flyng with Helena and how she enjoyed it, maybe Bette needs more offen telling everybody how she enjoyed fucking Candance a few months?
      5) I hope Bette find a backbone and not go after Tina in her mission to save her friends from second life. Bette and Angie don’t belongs that life. Bette really needs to stay with Angie and lives her life, not Tina’s.

      P.S. “Tina was the only one who didn’t fuck me over, or lied to me,” – maybe Helena has memory problems, because i remeber another story – Tina cheated on her with Bette and than dumped her for Bette

      • Hey there,
        1) I think we as readers all have secrets…maybe some of us have dark secrets, or painful memories that we don’t want to share, or don’t really know how to share with our loved ones. It is kind of like when Tina came out and said she was molested as a child…Bette, I believe, still does not know about that. You will see what Tina was trying to do was protect her family…
        2) We’ll get to see a bit of a backstory on the new characters I introduced and their relation to Tina. I hope you will actually be able to relate or at least like the additional characters.
        3) We will see how Bette reacts later on… don’t worry.
        4) I feel like it was more humor than anything. Helena and Bette later on in the series seem to have bonded and have a close relationship with one another.
        5) You’ll have to wait and see.

        That line I threw in for Helena is kinda like the concept that Tina seems to be the ex of hers that still cares for her and wants her to be happy.

        Hope you continue on to see what will happen!


        • Ok, i still disagree with about some thing – i still believe that molesting part it’s different from second life or “second family” like you write about them. If your second family knows all about your first family, but your first family knows nothing – it’s not question what family Tina counts more trustworthy. And i still believe if Tina wanted to leave – she needs to get Bette more proper explanation than – “Me friend hurt, i leave in 3 hours”. Thing like this needs to be open to discuss with your partner/spouse, it’s can’t be demand

          And second – i never believe that Bette and Helena can be close friends after s2. I don’t believe that Bette can truly forgave Helena who trying destroyed her life in all possibilities. And i don’t see this in TLW (from what i remember they have one or two scenes together at all after s2 – s3 final episode). Only bond between them was that they both slept with Tina. How Tina would feel if Bette telling everybody how she enjoyed fucking with Candance or maybe with Jodi?

          • I feel that if Jodi, Bette, and Tina had a relationship that was comfortable with one another, sure. But after what went down with Jodi and Bette and Jodi not necessarily wanting to be friends with Bette, it wouldn’t be the same.

            Another chapter will be posted soon!

    2. First of all, always a pleasure to read a new story.

      Second, i agree to a certain point with Zhenya about Tina her behaviour to Bette and her daughter, but certainly not every thing.

      I do trust the author to take us through the journey that will bring us the answers to why Tina held her former life a secret. My only question for now is, will Tina return to Bette and Angelica at the end.

      How good a story is, i really am a true Tibette van.

      So far i am really interested how this story wil develop. Great beginning!!!!

      Thanks you!!!

    3. Hi, TUS:

      Welcome back, nice story, it reminded me that TV show ‘Jane Doe’ (Lea Thompson), where she was a former agent and then she left the agency and got married and had a family with two kids; the agency asked her to come back for a type of job only she could do, and she was undercovered even in her own family; I liked that show very much.

      I look forward to the next chapters of this story, thanks for posting.


      • I actually haven’t seen that movie but it does sound like a interesting plot line. I think it is always a bit intriguing when you find out some interesting secrets about someone close to you.


        • Hi K:

          Yes, Jane Doe has a very interesting plot, and I guess this story will be also very interesting; my point is that I think that Tina in your story is a very credible character and I’m going to like it.

          For me is like spies’ stories and I like them; I’ll be waiting for the next chapter


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