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    Joyce Wishnia had been Bette and Tina’s lawyer alternating between the two women for over seven years. She was recommended to them by their friend Alice who kept a top 10 list of everything; Joyce was ranked number one in the fight for LGBT civil rights. She handled all the legalities associated with same-sex marriages, civil unions, domestic partnerships, reciprocal beneficiary relationships, all manner of adoptions, divorce and separations.

    They first came to her office as a happy lesbian couple in a committed long-term partnership of seven years seeking advice about second parent adoption. Tina was the birth mother and Bette was adopting, but sadly the baby was lost due to a miscarriage at 14 weeks.

    Their inability to cope with that tragic event signified the downfall of their relationship. Joyce’s legal advice was sought to work out one crisis after another as the acrimony between them escalated. The lawyer somehow avoided conflict of interest by representing each of them at different times against the other. It was financially lucrative for Joyce, but the couple certainly gave her a run for the money as their relationship over the next seven years was tumultuous at best.


    Six months after the miscarriage, Tina came to see Joyce to discuss dissolving her and Bette’s civil union after finding out that Bette had an affair. This was the kind of fight that Joyce loved to sink her teeth into. She was ready to take Bette to the cleaners advising Tina that she was entitled to 50% of all their assets.

    Joyce’s tactics became even more ruthless when she realized Tina was pregnant again. She’d done so without Bette’s knowledge, but they were still together when she conceived. Tina explained to Joyce that after the devastating miscarriage she wanted to be sure that this baby was viable before she told anyone including Bette.

    Once she passed the 14-week mark and everything seemed to be going OK she was ready to share her good news with her lover when she learned of the betrayal. Joyce got out her legal pad and added child support to the growing list of how she was going to make Bette pay for her indiscretion including alimony, property and of course her outrageous legal fees.

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    1. Wow… looks like the baby has come a month early and has been born in Bridgeport California. Bette and Tina are going to get their son? OMG…. but he’s a premie? This is going to be a big undertaking for Bette and Tina. So…. call James and make arrangements for Angie to stay a couple of days or at least until Bette and Tina can figure out what is going on. Thankyou Marci…. at least you are a woman of your word. …

      Thank you for this update….cannot wait to see more….

    2. Hey BAT,

      Enjoying this story so far & indeed welcome back. It has been a while.

      Interesting take on this part of the Tibette story. Definitely looking forward to where to take this & beyond.

      Been a fan of yours for some time & truly enjoy your writing.

      Thanks for this update & let’s find out all about what happened to Marci !!!


    3. Great chapter and i love how told us about Joyce and the cirumstances she either represented Tina, Bette or both together. I liked her in the OG.

      So, Marci is in California and in hospital and asked for Bette and Tina. The baby must have been born to early and need special care. I really hope he will be allright and that Marci keep her promise to let Bette and Tina adopt this baby boy. It’s positive she ask the nurse to call them.

      Angie already named him, Logan, beautiful name.

      I can’t wait for the next chapter!

    4. Always thought it was terrible writing that Marci simply did not show with zero explanation. Does not work that way. I am glad you are writing this story. At others have said: neonatal means Baby Logan has indeed arrived. And the fact that Marci could not contact them herself means she is having some medical issues. Plus the nurse was not allowed to give out any information. Worried about Marci. Probably went into labor on the bus. She was not that far out of Reno. My son was born nine weeks early in the middle of the night and I was on the phone two hours later to say I would not be coming to work. Hope Marci is ok. That she made it to California is a lucky legal break for the adoption. I am a huge fan of your work. Thanks for the refresher on Joyce – always a favorite character. Going to be a long and stressful drive for Bette and Tina. Maybe get a driver or Shane. I would say take Joyce with them but they are already super tired and she would probably drive them crazy with her tales. Looking forward to a new chapter.

    5. Bat

      This is looking good. Lots to work with in this story arch. IC left the door wide open. Interesting we’re you picked it up. Right at the point of emotional angst because of the no show.


    6. I think this is looking very good. Thank you for picking up where IC rudely dropped this one off. I thought she was abysmal as a producer. She left us with a lot of loose ends that never got tied up.. I have watched just about every interview she has done. She is not only overbearing but she is always in a hurry. She just could not let things move on naturally before she would railroad her way into another unfinished plot line. IMHO the OG series was a disaster and she has achieved the same result with TLW2. She blew off her fans every chance she could and to this very day. She is an egomaniac to the point of narcissism. There. I gave you all my two cents worth.

    7. I am happy with those who replied to my comment. I thought I was alone in my beliefs. I wanted to express my anger at the way I felt abused by IC, and now it is how WE, felt abused by her. She has made several horrendous choices for the show and she was a terrible choice to be Executive Producer. She really gaslighted the Showtime suits about her abilities. The show was her idea but her project management of the show sucked along with her contingency plans for it. She just drifted from one harebrained idea to the other. and she used us in her grand scheme of things by playing with our intelligence and emotions. Yes it’s only fiction but it was our escape and fantasy which we used to keep us alive and going. Life is hard enough for us but to be treated like a disposable one night stand by someone who claimed to speak for us and represent us is despicable. The stories in this website have replaced the show to satisfy the needs that IC couldn’t and never will be able to fulfill. She became wealthy off of us. We were used, abused and most definitely left confused. So long IC and please move away from TLW2. You should have just stayed with Empire, a show that got all of your personal best.

      • I share your frustration and feelings of being used. There was so much potential that was lost.

        I fear JB may be caught with rose colored glasses when it comes to IC. I hope JB finds the courage to stand up to IC. Let’s see a bit of alpha Bette for sure.


      • Hi Jane,

        I totally agree with you about IC. She wanted Bette & Jenny to be reflections of her in real life & show just how wacked that life was. She is a narcissist – plain & simple. It all has to be about her.

        One story line seemed to be worse than the other & then she just dropped one for the next crazy idea in line.

        She truly underestimated the loyalty of the fans & the tremendous appeal of Tibette. She wanted Bette to be this great player & drift from woman to woman. But JB wasn’t having any of it. That wasn’t her vision for her character. JB & LH fought tooth & nail to have Tibette back together against IC’s wishes.

        The reasons why JB allowed GQ season 1 & teh ridiculous divorce to happen is anyone’s guess. Just sincerely hope that she’ll correct that misstep in season 2.

        Thanks for sharing.


      • Excellent explanation. Agree with ALL you write. You have lots of support here. Are you accepting suggestions for other mistakes to fix? Because there are lots. Well done. Let us all say a prayer for GQ Season 2.

      • Wow Jane. Excellent explanation. Agree with every word you write. You have a lot of support here. Perhaps we can all say a collective prayer for GQ Season 2. Are you taking requests to fix other mistakes? Because there are a lot.

    8. I think we should list plots and subplots that went nowhere and were left unexplained and unresolved. This story about Marci and the adoption set my wheels spinning when Tibette were left hung out to dry when Marci didn’t show up. Why didn’t Tibette pursue it? Why didn’t they try to adopt another child? In IC’s mind it wasn’t worth fighting for and she threw Tibette under that bus on this issue. There are other issues that were left on the road to nowhere that should be noted. I am wondering if a forum on this could be set up by Jacky to be where we can all comment. IMO two of the most glaring issues are the unexplained and sudden divorce. That came out of nowhere and it should have stayed in nowhere cuz it appears that Tibette never really tried to work out their problems before it. Huh? No marriage counselor? I think the second glaring error was hiring Marja and her out of touch band of writers. I also have problems with the new characters brought into the show. Alice being OK with a throuple? Alice had problems with Tasha and Jamie and wouldn’t share Tasha with anyone. I had a lot of trouble dealing with Dana’s death. IC went ahead and killed her off and selfishly did not try to get a clue as to how the viewers would feel. I have a lot of trouble dealing with Kit being killed off as well. How about Jenny’s sudden unexplained death which should have been addressed before the final episode of Season 6, which was a disaster of epic proportions. I know Erin, Mia and Pam are not happy with their characters’ final exits. So many items to list and not enough time to list them here. I am very sure they need to be brought out in the open and listed somewhere. Thank you all for your interest and input

      • Jane, thank you for sparking some very passionate conversation. I would love to see the forum brought back for this type of dialogue.

        I think the majority of the fan-fiction writers (myself included) feel similarly in that there was so much potential for writing amazing storylines and developing and maturing the characters over the six seasons of the original show that it really was tragic how they butchered it, and really showed little regard for their loyal fans.

        The inconsistencies, the go nowhere storylines, bringing in tons of new characters that had more air time than the main characters, changing core values mid-stream and having them act in a way that was totally against their ideals; the list goes on and on.

        It was maddening to watch but in a way also hooked me. Finding this website and writing and reading these stories has been an outlet that I am thankful for.

        I will do my best to address several of the storylines that were missed opportunities in this story which is why I call it ‘A Different Outcome’. If you have ideas you would like me to tackle please let me know.

    9. I have started to rewatch the series and am making notes to make sure I don’t leave out any misdirected plot lines that went nowhere and remain ambivalent. I wish there was a place on this website where I could list them. I do not believe the second series production will get started until at least after the summer of 2021 and won’t be shown until 2022. Will they record intimacy? It will be very difficult considering intimacy is a huge part of the show. It will be a challenge to get studio space considering Showtime has bigger and more popular shows like Billions to put back into production first. Also they say there is going to be a chance of a second wave of the virus through 2021. More restrictions and lockdowns. Will Laurel’s London exhibit ever see the light of day?

      • Jane, As you re-watch the series there is one thing that remains ambivalent to me, so maybe you can clear it up. Did Bette ever legally adopt Angelica? Do you recall the social worker that gave Bette a really hard time, and tried to talk Tina out of going through with the adoption which to me indicated Bette had not adopted Angie at birth. Then when Tina left and wanted to marry Henry she said the stopped Bette’s adoption so Henry could adopt the baby then that relationship fell apart. After that Bette and Tina were separated for what I think might have been two years (not sure) but judging from how Angie was growing I think she was three or four in season 6 even though 10 years later they brought her back as a 16 year old going on 17. Anyway Bette was always recognized as Angie’s other mother but to my recollection there was no adoption.

        As for GenQ, I don’t think many of us care for a season 2 unless they totally obliterate season 1 and start with Bette and Tina married and Kit still alive even if Laurel only does guest appearances and Pam doesn’t come back at all. Killing Kit to give Bette a reason to run for Mayor was the most ridiculous thing I ever heard and then to have her lose the election what was the point???

        As for Laurel’s exhibit in London that’s up in the air, but would be great if she decided to exhibit in the USA.

        Anyway, keep me posted on any part of the show that actually confirms Bette legally adopted Angie other than her just saying she did.

    10. BAT2012. I have gone through Season 2 with a fine tooth comb and nothing on adoption. It should at the very least be in Season3. However I do not remember Bette getting any notifications from Social Services awarding Bette any legal rights to Angie. This is another sign of IC incompetence. I will soldier on with searching the show. Tx for your like mind on this big problem. As for Laurel showing in the USA it is highly improbable as her collectors are in Europe. I think she only did one in NYC at the beginning of her art career. Meanwhile she continues to blow off her USA fans but we are sadly used to it

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