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    Just a day


    For the first time in a long time as a family they had gone for a walk, Tina slowly pushing Xavier in his stroller, Bette walking beside them as they went to the far end of the vast estate that Tina owned. There was a stream at the far end and they found a spot and sat down, both just taking in the nature around them. They took Xavier from the stroller, allowing him to move around the grass and explore. Never really letting him get to far away from either of them.

    “You should have brought your camera down here,” Bette says as she moves Xavier setting him on a new path.

    “I didn’t even bring my phone B, I love the smell, sounds and light of mother nature,”

    “Hippy,” Bette laughed.

    “I don’t know what you mean,” Tina smiled as she sat on the grass and soon had Xavier crawling onto her. He was getting more and more active as the days went on.

    “You are very relaxed,” Bette remarked as she sat beside her wife and helped her son by giving him a light tap on the ass to get over Tina’s leg.

    “I’m happy here, with my family. Away from the stresses of the world.”  Tina said softly. “My mind is empty and free here.”

    Bette nodded understanding her wife’s need to sometimes just forget that the outside world was real.

    They sat in silence, the only real sounds was the stream and Xavier’s movements. Tina lay down and looked at the sky as her son sat on her stomach and took his cup from her mama. He happily drank his juice while jumping on his mothers stomach. Tina smiled. Laughed with him. She felt free. Tina turned her head and looked at her wife.

    “I love you,” She said suddenly.

    Bette smiled broadly at the remark. It seemed very sudden. She always loved to hear it. Falling in love with Tina had been life changing for Bette in so many ways.

    “I love you too,” Bette replied softly moving and kissing her wife’s soft lips.

    Xavier wasn’t impressed and made a grip for Bette’s hair. They broke apart laughing

    “What little man?” Bette used her small person voice and her son just smiled at her like he had succeeded in a challenge. “He has the Kennard lopsided killer smile,”

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    1. Glad to see that Tina is doing much better with her illness & loving her family.

      How exciting for her to be offered the White House commission!!

      Great update.

      Glad you finally got your laptop issues resolved!!


    2. Lovely day with the family…. time to relax, and enjoy meal preparation and then to get an offer to produce art work for the White House is a very big day indeed.

      thanks for the chapter…. keep it coming…

    3. UK, Hate to hear about your computer. I lost an entire section of RWYA early on and had to learn the hard way to back it up or use one drive. All that work, I know you were crushed. This was a nice, peaceful chapter. They are starting to really settle into the family life and Tina’s career is taking off. What about Bette? She has spent so much time caring for T and X, how is the Gallery?
      Thanks for posting

    4. Sorry you had problems with your computer. I had a similar experience and spilled a full glass of a margarita on mine. The crime of the century! Cost me $250 at the repair shop and computer reeked of alcohol. Geek who cleaned it up said it smelled so good he wanted to lick the motherboard!!!

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