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    Leaving Las Vegas

    Margaret Glasser had been a social worker for twenty years supporting vulnerable individuals and families through difficult times and safeguarding them from harm. Ultimately, she saw her role as improving outcomes in people’s lives by guiding and advocating for them using all the available resources in the social care network.

    In recent years she’d focused her specialty on adoptions but rarely was a client assigned to her that didn’t come with extenuating circumstances that pulled her into other relational dynamics besides placing the child or children in a good home. Such was the case with Marci Dickerson.

    She opened the file and read through the particulars. Female, Caucasian, born and raised in Las Vegas Nevada, age 22, single, high school graduate, currently attending community college part-time. Works full-time as a waitress. Lives in Las Vegas with her mother and stepfather Kathy and Paul Gibson and her two sons five-year-old Jason and three-year-old Michael. No father listed for either boy. Only child. Parents divorced when she was 17. Father Robert ‘Bob’ Dickerson and his second wife Mindy live in Reno Nevada. Only other relative Bob’s sister Stella Simpson; lives in Boulder City, Nevada. Socioeconomic status lower middle class.

    Six and a half months pregnant with a boy. Baby’s father is African American; otherwise no details listed. Reasons for adoption: Pragmatic decision based on finances; lack of support system to bring a third child into the home environment; the right thing to do in order to give the baby the best chance for a great life with a family that would love and accept him unconditionally.

    What wasn’t written in the file is that even though Marci would have chosen adoption simply because she couldn’t afford another child the fact that the Gibson’s would never accept a biracial grandchild and would likely disown her had they known she’d been intimate with an African American man was very much at the forefront of her decision. If that wasn’t enough to cause a rift in the family the situation was exacerbated when Marci defied her parents and chose an interracial lesbian couple to adopt the baby.

    Maggie listened compassionately as Marci recounted her parent’s hostility upon meeting Elizabeth and Christina Kennard-Porter for the first time.

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    1. Wow, so she did tell her parents about choosing Bette and Tina to be the adoptive parents. And she was in Reno visiting her Dad and his wife? And do they have the boys now? This puts a bit more pressure on Marci. There sure are a lot moving parts in Marci’s life. I wonder what her plan is if Kathy and Paul boot her out. They are the main reason she is giving up her child in the first place. But she has a very good attitude about this adoption. She is acting in a very mature manner for her beliefs. I just wonder how she proceed on with her life after the birth in raising her two boys. Perhaps, her Dad will help her out?

      Good back story on Marci. Help to understand her thinking and the problems she is facing.

      Good story…. hungry for more….

      • Hi Martha, Thank you as always for your comments. All your questions will be answered by the time I finish this story. When I first started writing this, I didn’t intend for Marci to become a main character but somehow that is how it’s evolved. Part of why I want to give Marci substance is because Bette and Tina are adopting her son and I think it’s important to establish that her bigoted mother does not represent the entire gene pool of the Dickerson family. I appreciate your input and encouragement in getting this story written. Stay well and be safe.

    2. This is a superb chapter. Just exceptional. I love how you logically lay out Marci’s thought process and decision making. She really is a good person. And I suspect she will be making the break with her mother and step father very soon. Bette and Tina have maintained continued contact with Marci making her absence on the bus that much more disconcerting. You have filled in all of the blanks. Very well done, I like Marci. Glad she does have a support system in place. It’s almost time for Logan.

      • Billy, thank you. Reading your comment made my heart sing :-)
        I wanted to establish that Marci is good people and that Logan has a heritage Bette and Tina can be proud of. Marci’s made some bad choices in life but she is turning things around and more importantly she is making sure that her sons are the priority in her life. I appreciate your insights, ideas, and suggestions that have greatly helped me to continue writing this story. I will be getting back to Bridgeport soon and checking in on Logan, Bette and Tina. Be safe and stay well.

      • Thank you Bibi28. Great comments from Martha and Billy. I appreciate your comment about Marci as well because it’s what I was hoping to accomplish in telling her story. Logan is biological product of good people, and he will be raised by the best parents ever! Be safe and stay well.

    3. So Marci thinks to entrust her 2 children to her father while she will be hosted by Bette and Tina; that’s the plan What if his father is as fascist as his mother, what then ?!

      My biggest fear right now is Marci’s mother and her husband, They surely will fight for sole custody when they find out what Marci plans to do.

      The question is how she ended up in Bridgeport ?

      • She went to visit her friend Renee. And her mother has zero legal standing. Marci is physically in California and over 21. She has been seeing a social worker on a regular basis. Has seen an attorney. Has been getting excellent prenatal care from a doctor who has known her for years. She is not hiding her plan. If anything her mother would be exposed as a homophobic bigot. Remember, her mother will sadly not accept a biracial child. Just because Nevada has some antiquated laws does not mean her mother has a moral leg to stand on. Since this storyline aired, Nevada law changed. Same-sex marriage has been legal since October 8, 2014. Same-sex couples may also enter a domestic partnership status that provides the same rights and responsibilities as marriage. Same-sex couples are also allowed to adopt, and state law prohibits unfair discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, among other categories, in employment, housing and public accommodations. Nevada got there.

    4. This is the Author’s Notes:
      I wrote in my author’s comments on the previous chapters that the rest of this story is a result of a collaborative effort of amazing readers who answered my call for help. Special thank you to Billy, Deanna, Izzie, Martha and SassyGran. Your ideas formed the story and added new characters: Marci’s natural father Bob Dickerson and his wife Mindy. Marci’s Aunt Stella. Marci’s friend Renee. Marci’s social worker Maggie, and of course Marci’s OBGYN Dr. Creighton. Yet to be named is her adoption lawyer but we know she has one. Add Bette and Tina and we realize Marci’s support network of family, friends and professionals is substantial. We also learn that she’s been making purposeful strides towards independent decisions that don’t involve her bigoted mother and stepfather Paul and Kathy Gibson for some time. This situation just accelerated her need to get away.

      She’s showing maturity and taking responsibility for her choices. She has plans for betterment in her life and that of her children by removing them from a toxic environment. We can feel confident that she has other people that she can trust to take care of her boys while she is in California without fear of the Gibson’s threatening custody; besides that who says they want to become full-time parents to two toddlers. The Gibson’s know Marci has chosen Bette and Tina and they know the law won’t allow them to adopt. They now feel that gives them ammunition to badger her which could be a risk to her health and that of the baby living with the constant stress.

      Leaving Las Vegas makes sense, and how she ended up going north is explained. We get an idea of why she was booked on a bus schedule that based on a 6-hour ride had to leave Las Vegas at around 2AM to get to Los Angeles in the early morning. I felt the need to address that by making it Marci’s choice. Obviously when they wrote the script in the L Word they already knew she wasn’t going to be on the bus so didn’t give any thought to the unlikelihood that Bette and Tina would book an expectant mother in her 8th month on a 6 hour bus ride in the middle of the night to travel on her own. I think Bette and Tina would have flown her to LA.

      In the next couple of chapters, we’ll find out whose taking care of the kids. How Marci ended up hanging out in Carson City with her friend Renee just days before she was supposed to be on the bus to Los Angeles. What about Bob and Mindy Dickerson – are they bigots too? I’ll give that one away right now – they are not! What role will Aunt Stella play? Does Kathy have an ally on Bob’s side of the family? Is Renee feeding information on Marci’s whereabouts to the enemy? Stay tuned.

      I know everyone is also anxious for Logan to be born but remember the longer we can delay the labor the better developed he will be and the less risk of complications. Don’t forget he will be a preemie. Bette and Tina are hundreds of miles from home, away from Angie and Logan is going to need special care before he can be released from the hospital.

      I’ve got a lot of story to write, so I better get to it. Thank you for indulging my long author’s note.

    5. Hey BAT,

      As promised. I am just catching up on stories this weekend. Thanks for filling in the blanks in this story & continuing the Tibette story.

      Thanks too for proving us with insight into Marci’s mind set & how she views Tibette & what she wants for her son.

      Great job.

      Keep it coming.


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