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    Letting Go

    Tina sighed as she gently ran her fingers over the photo of Dana, “I haven’t been out to L.A. in 5 years… I- I don’t know. This is my priority, right now. After we nail the UnSub… then I’ll figure it out.”

    “You want to see her,” AJ said, looking at Tina. “You want to see Bette.”

    “Yeah,” Tina smiled, the hatred and feeling of being heartbroken left 4 years ago. She had forgiven the brunette.

    She had let go.

    “How do you think that’s going to go down?” Will asked, coming up from the narrow hallway and sitting across from his partner.

    “Honestly? I’m not too sure,” Tina shrugged with a soft smile. Her hazel eyes have darkened over the years… maybe a sign of getting older- or maybe the sign of seeing the stuff she did. Her mindset was different… she was different. “The first year I came out here was hard, but I realized that I had to regain my independence… the strength that I had lost. Working these cases again made me realize that while time may be infinite… we aren’t.”

    “No use of holding onto pain,” Greyson smiled, coming near the group from the back of the jet.

    “Exactly… you just… you let go,” Tina smiled- tilting her head to study the group. “I’ve done a complete 360 since moving back out here. It’s been a journey of finding myself…being free. I’ve lost love… I found it again… lost it again,” the blonde laughed, shaking her head. “I’ve met the most amazing people and the most heinous people. I’ve learned so many things… I wouldn’t trade any of it- I just hope Bette has done the same with the same support I got from you guys. I would love for her to be happy.”

    Greyson smiled at his daughter. In the 5 years since she’s been back; she’s had a sense of total control and freedom. She’s been more open to her emotions; both good and bad. She’s the top criminal profiler in the entire Bureau. She’s been promoted to acting Unit Chief and taken over this squad while Rob has been away. She looks at her personal and professional life as lessons… and she doesn’t take anything for granted.

    “So…anyways,” Tina said, looking at the group on board. “Benny, Ivy, and Greyson, you guys get set up at the station. AJ and Delia, you guys go to the M.E… Will… you’re with me.”

    “Yes, ma’am,” they all said in unison… Will smirking at the blonde.

    Tina rolled her eyes- a small smile gracing her features, “Alright… let’s nail this son of a bitch.”

    “And get some closure… once and for all,” Delia added, cocking her head to look at the blonde.

    Tina nodded and smiled at her, “and get some closure.”


    “One of the hardest lessons in life is letting go. Whether it’s guilt, anger, love, loss, or betrayal. Change is never easy. We fight to hold on and we fight to let go.”

    Author’s Note: Y’all… I never, ever, fucking ever understood why Bette continued to see Candance after losing Tina. I took this to a personal level lol.




    1. I have always thought Bette had an affair with Candace inorder to have a moment of euphoria which allowed her to escape all the problems of her life. Bette in almost every story is a highly sexual being. Sex for Bette is like drugs to the drug addict or alcohol to the alcoholic. As long as Bette and Tina’s relationship is good, Bette can resist the temptation of having sex with others. But since Bette and Tina’s relationship is rocky and not going well, Bette succumbs to Candace’s seduction. Bette did not make a rational decision to have sex with Candice, And she did not think rationally by continuing to see Candace after confessing to fucking her. She is responding to a need to escape from problems of her life. And Tina’s leaving has multiplied her problems ten fold. And seeking the comfort of being in someone’s arms for support even if it does not exist is more attractive than hanging around the house agonizing over your missing partner.

      The cheating is a symptom of the problems of Bette and Tina’s relationship. There are many underlying problems which have not been addressed – the loss of the baby, the role of work in their relationship, the role each will play in maintaining the household duties, the lack of communication on their backgrounds, expectations, fears, and goals.

      In this story, I do not see an ice cube’s chance in hell they will ever make a successful life together. Bette cheats and Tina runs and then neither communicates or attemps to contact the other for 5 years. Tina made her decision that her clothes should be given away with 24 hours of finding out that Bette cheated. That action says life with Bette is over and however Bette responds to Tina’s demand that she give up Candace is of no consequence. In fact it Tina has no idea what Bette has been up to since she walked out that door that horrible night of the Provocations show. The behavior of both Bette and Tina says to me that there was a whole lot more wrong with the relationship than just Bette’s cheating. Tina forgives Bette by the end of the first year, yet four more years pass before she plans on having a conversation? That is not a whole lot of effort to have a relationship of some kind with someone you love dearly. Sometime in their first year, they should be at least exchanging emails. Five years is a long time not to have any communications.

      The bottom line is that most people act in what they perceive their own best interest. Obviously, Tina believes that it is in her best interest never to have contact with Bette again after she finds out she has cheated on her. Her job and her friends at BAU are far more important than Bette. Bette thinks its in her best interest to do nothing to locate and contact Tina and hope that someday she will magically come back. I would think that after a few weeks, Bette would be hiring a private detective to find her some way to communicate with Tina.. They may not be able to be face to face, but perhaps a letter or maybe email or even a phone call to at least initiate some communication. I just cannot see Bette sitting back and just allowing Tina to get away without some kind of pursuit. Bette would not accept that it was over until Tina said it to her face to face and that decision was reflected in her eyes. Both act irrationally in the heat of battle. However, once their anger cools and the emotions are not so raw, they both would be seeking the other to at least get some answers as to why this happened and what each plans to do to make the situation better. People who love each other do not stay mad forever, Nor do they just sit around and hope that life will turn out like they want. They take steps to influence the results to lean in their direction. that is not this story, therefore the chances of Bette and Tina having a successful reconnect is rather low.

    2. Hi Kylie,

      So good to see you back!!

      As for the answer why Bette cheated and continued to see that carpenter, i agree with Martha. She was looking for a distraction to all the problems and pressure she was feeling. She was numb and after Tina left, i can see why she stayed. She needed to feel anything and she thought she had lost Tina forever.

      It does surprise me that neither contacted each other after awhile, and that Bette didn’t try to find Tina, she knew she joined the BAU again. How hard is it to find a way to get Tina’s information.

      I do hope Bette and Tina are getting their second chance.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

      • You’ll actually be very surprised how closed off the FBI keeps their agents information from the public- a lot of it is out of safety concerns.

        And like I told Martha, there’s an explanation for everything. Emotions & behaviors may sometimes not make sense to the outsider, but makes complete sense to the person committing the acts :)

      • oh trust me- i haven’t forgotten… i go back to them each day and just stare at my screen. i’m hoping starting this one, with the characters from Hidden Past, that i will know what to do with that damn story lol.

    3. Thank you for the chapter!

      But i must say i agree with Martha – it’s hard for me imaging this Tina and Bette together. And not only because they didn’t try contact with each other for 5 years, but because this Tina’s profession.
      What can have common FBI agent and art-dealer, who like we know hate guns, military and all things like that? About what they can talk about? They just too different for my opinion.

      So if Bette was not with Jodie (i just hate this character), but with someone like Leight, my vote would be for this Tibette only like friends.

      • Since Tina (in my story) had worked with them previously before living in LA, she’s always had these “interests,” only now she is back at it.

        Both characters have undoubtedly changed over the years- positives & negatives.

        Everything happens for a reason ;) we’ll see what happened and how each have moved on/let go as the story progresses. I’m sure questions will be answered and more questions will pop up :)

          • no- she was, but just because you switch careers, it doesn’t automatically erase your interests and thoughts about certain subjects. I guess what i’m trying to say is she’s always (in my story) had these thoughts, even when she worked with the movies- she just didn’t share them because of the associations she was around.

    4. As to how to find an FBI agent? If I were looking for a particular FBI agent and I knew the town in which they were based, I would simply google the location of the FBI office in that town. I would then write a letter to the agent at the address of that office. If I knew some of their co-workers, I might write a letter to them to obtain for me a mailing address or an email so that I could communicate with them in a private and secure manner. I promise you that once the FBI clears the letter as not being a threat to the security of the office or the personnel, they would deliver it to the agent involved. Generally I would use the same process if I wanted to give the FBI a tip on some crime. Find the local number and call them or write to them and make a requests. Its not a direct method of communication but with enough letters or phone calls coming to the office, sooner or later, my target of my communications would answer with a better mode of communication or give me a cease and desist order.

      Or, there are plenty of websites which for a fee will give you information on everyone who has a credit record in America. For about $35, I can find your legal name, your mailing address, your home address, were you are employed, your age, who lives in your household and their ages, you home value, your education background and your work history. I could probably find out in ballpark figures how much debt you have. And just because you are an FBI agent does not mean you are not in this vast database of information. I have used these websites to find relatives who have been estranged from their families. One particular instance, the family was hiding from the man’s parents and had changed their name. But they did not change their social security number which grandmother still had. She wanted to know where her child and his family were. They said they had been searching for years. I found them in about 30 minutes. The family was reunited based on the information I found. In this age of internet, it is difficult not to be found if you continue using your basic identity – social security number, date of birth and credit history.

      The FBI is not going to give any personal information on their agents, however since the agents do work for the public, there has to be a way for the agent to recieve calls and communications from the public. That is why they have offices and office contact information. It would take some effort and perhaps a little time, however, locating a particular agent is entirely possible. Agents buy homes, vehicles and have credit cards and bank accounts. With a little effort Tina could be found.

      • Hi Martha,

        It is great that you can find somebody,, even FBI information.

        But i think you are taking this a little to serious.

        This story can describe things that might correspond to reality, but this is just a fantasy story.

        And i am very happy that there are still authors who write Tibette stories!!!!

    5. Of course its a fantasy story. And it belongs to the author. But when someone ask how hard can it be and the author responds that it is difficult to find a communication channel with an FBI agent…well in reality, its not that difficult. I guess, I am just shocked that these two women who really are suppose to love each other would wait 5 years to decide to make contact and at least to attempt to maintain a friendship at least especially after Tina declares she has forgiven Bette some four years ago. The author promises a reason for this unusual behavior. Tina and Bette’s responses are completely understandable. Its the time frame of the breakup. If it were months instead of years, then I would have no problem imagining a reconciliation at some point in the future.

    6. Hey, good to read you again. I’m already hooked and it’s good to read about the whole crew again !

      I can’t wait to see how they all will react to each other and of course I suspect there will be difficulties with Jodie ….

      Tina thinks she has moved on but it’ just an illusion …. as for Bette she still loves Tina but, like in the show, she doesn’t want to hurt Jodie …. and then there’s the BAU crew that may still be furious at Bette and overly protective towards Tina.

      Interesting story, can’t wait to read next chapter, soon I hope.

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