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    Letting Her Hair Down

    Bette pulled the car into the space outside the medical centre, today Xavier had a check-up. She looked over to Tina and smiled, her wife seemed calmer today. She’d had a good sleep and taken her medication and seemed to have calmed down a little.

    “Ready for this,” Bette asked, reaching over and taking her wife’s hand.

    Tina lifted their hands and kissed the back of Bette’s hand.

    “Yeah, but I’m sure it’s Xavier who should be worried.”

    “I know these appointments can be hard on you.”

    “And you, we really need to start thinking more about you,” Tina said softly

    “What do you mean?”

    “I mean that you’re too busy looking after everyone else that you need to be looked after too. I’m useless sometimes, I mean the last three days have proven that. I just want to make sure you have support too,”


    “What?” Tina turned in her car seat and looked at her wife, she reached over and gently pushed a stray hair out of Bette’s face.

    “Dana and Lara have invited us out, to a nightclub. I know it’s not your seen.”

    “Do you want to go?” Tina asked honestly.

    “Yes, I would love too. I…”

    “Can we get a nurse to stay with me and Xavier?”

    “Sorry what?”

    “Listen I’m not going to enjoy being in a night club, but if we can get Beth or Judy to come and sit with me for the evening you can go out and have a great time and get drunk and let your hair down. I’m not holding you back. I’m not going to stop you enjoying yourself. I’ll even pay bar bill.” Tina smiled.

    Bette laughed.

    “Are you sure?”

    “Yes, but I want one of the female nurses, Jake is well.i don’t want him around.”

    “I phoned the company last night about him,”

    “He keeps trying to tell me a list of things that could be wrong with Xavier. The doctors here tell me if there are problems with my son not him. There is no way on earth that Xavier is Autistic. He interacts with us too well. I think Jake is looking for problems and that scares me.”

    “I’ll have him removed from the staff list. I’ll also change the security number for nurses.”

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    1. Processing, pondering, considering. Not sure how I feel about this either.
      I want TINA to take care of Bette. Yes, having time away with friends is good. But Tina is in Tina land where her problems, her issues take center stage. I am probably overthinking this. Glad Tina is learning to bake – could they do that together? Could Tina cook for Bette, run a bath, ask about her day, show interest in what Bette is thinking, paint for her, listen to her???

      • This is more along the lines of what I am thinking of. Time apart is good and fine but Bette going out drinking and repeating past behavior apart from Tina is not going to bring them together. And proves Alice was right!

    2. Not sure how I feel about this. I get having different interests and different hobbies. Dinner and a movie with a friend. Play some tennis. Even meeting friends at the Planet. Go for it. That’s a good thing – and a healthy outlet. But hanging out in a bar and getting drunk? How old is she again? Probably not the best idea. That also plays right into Alice’s hand of what’s wrong with Tina – she took the fun party girl Bette away. Now that Bette is back? Not sure Bette back in the bars is the best way for her to be taking care of her needs. And Tina paying the tab? Will a drunken dance be next? Not sure Bette in the bar equates with Tina learning to bake. Tina seems a bit confused to me. My ex liked hanging out in bars with buddies. Hence the ex!!

    3. Don’t think I like this. It’s not a solution to have separate evenings out or different interests.
      They need to be doing more diverse things together.
      Bette seems to be going backwards.
      Look forward to seeing how you take this story further.

    4. Glad Bette had a good time….. but it seems so out of character. I could see going and having a nice dinner somewhere you could go talk and enjoy the company of your friends.

      Thanks for the chapter. But a club?

    5. Found myself kinda thrown for a loop. Bette goes out drinking with her friends and ‘ol jealous Alice isn’t there? How she gonna be when the word gets back that Bette was “partaying just like the Bette of old”???

      How long until all the “google-eyed ClingOns” start trying to catch Bette’s eye when they notice she’s gettin’ drunk with da girls??

      Was that the only activity that they share in common? Where they could have fun sharing time?

    6. I think it was good that Bette spend some time with her friends, but i hope that they will do more then getting drunk in a bar once a month. I am not afraid Bette will turn to the old Bette before she met Tina. She let her hair down, she deserve that once in a while.

      But it is important Bette and Tina do stuff together like baking cookies together or visit the beach, enjoy their time together as a couple away from friends and Xavier, just the two of them spending quality time together.

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