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    Life Changing Admission

    You know you are never fucking here,” Jayne screamed at her partner, her face red with anger.

    Bette wasn’t even sure how this latest argument had started. She had come home from work, asked about Jayne’s day and now she was being screaming at. She found feel her own frustration building. She knew there was more to this than Jayne was letting on,

    “I am trying to be here more, however one of us has to work their ass’s off to make sure we live like this,” Bette pointed to the house that she had bought, she wanted what was best for her partner and child.

    I really fucking hate you,” Jayne yelled suddenly, they had been together for twelve years. They had an five-year-old daughter Bette had never thought that Jayne didn’t love her.

    “Why? What did I do?” Bette sat down on the arm of the sofa and took in the red head in front of her.

    She had never seen this burning anger in Jayne before it was like something had triggered. She couldn’t believe this was happening. She hadn’t seen that her relationship was falling apart.

    Because all you fucking think about is your gallery, your career, your life. You think everything is about you.”

    “No” Bette gasped.

    Bette wanted Molly-Mae, their daughter to have the best life. She wanted to make sure that she could provide for her family. Give them the best and she had been doing that for so long. She thought back, maybe she had been spending so much time away working.

    “I love you, I love Mol, you’re both my world. I’m doing this for you and for her. I’m making sure you’re having the best life. Tell me Jayne, What do you fucking want from me?” Bette looked up.

    Jayne looked down before meeting Bette’s eye.

    “Leave,” Jayne demanded


    “Get your things and get the fuck out of my house,”

    “Your house, this is my house,”

    “I’m not going to fight you on that point right now but I stay with Molly-Mae, you get to leave,” Jayne’s eye darted around the room. Bette knew there was more too it.

    “Why now?”


    “Why are you doing this now?”  Bette demanded.

    “Because…because…” Jayne took a deep breath, “I’ve been having an affair,”

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