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    Tina lay on her side, her body almost curled up into itself she was in pain, she felt drained and the chemo was starting to take rather drastic affect on her body. she was wrapped in a large blanket. In the middle of her and Bette’s large bed. She had her eyes closed trying to get her body to relax. She wanted to forget the pain. Physical pain was worse than the mental pain she had bore for so long.

    Bette walked in, she hated seeing her wife like this. It felt like she couldn’t help her. she walked over and sat on the bed, she gently ran the back of her fingers along her wife’s cheek. Feeling that she was warm enough. She reached down and kissed her wife’s forehead.

    “You’re stronger than you know,” Bette whispered. Her lips still on her wife’s forehead.

    Tina slowly opened her eyes and looked at her wife. she smiled softly. She wanted to reach out and touch her but she couldn’t. she didn’t have the energy too.

    “What can I do for you?” Bette asked,

    “Some fresh water, would be great,” Tina whispered.

    “That can be arranged, I’ll be back,”

    “Never say that in a horror film,”

    Bette laughed as she went to get her wife a bottle of water.

    Tina smiled to herself, as she closed her eyes again,

    Bette got her water and came back.

    “Where are the kids?” Tina ask softly, not bothering to open her eyes.

    Bette got onto the bed and put the water to one side before she rubbed her wife’s shoulders.

    “Kit has taken them out, they will be home soon,”

    “Mmm, good, I like them close,”

    “I can get that.” Bette rubbed Tina’s shoulder, she knew that Tina had been losing weight and the weight loss was making her cold. “How are you feeling?”

    “I’ve lived with mental pain for a very long time, but I’m not sure I can cope with this physical pain.” Tina admitted.

    “I hate seeing you in pain,”

    “it won’t last long a few more weeks of chemo, hopefully we can then have some good news.”

    “I think you’ll be happier when you can draw and paint,”

    “Yeah the thought of it right now takes up too much energy.” Tina admitted. “This is the longest I’ve ever gone without working on anything. I would love to be in the studio but I don’t think I’ve got the energy to get downstairs never mind outside.”

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    1. So glad you posted a new chapter but also so sad it’s the end of this incredible good story!

      It was a never ending rollercoaster fot Bette and Tina and yes, Tina will always struggle with her mental illness, it will go up and down but she knows what to do to handle the downs and try to steady it and she is surrounded with love, by Bette, their friends and two children.

      Thank you for sharing this story!!!!

    2. Thank you for this story. I have enjoyed this…. started in April at 2020 and ending in April 2022 with 117 chapters. You are to be congratulated for sticking with this and taking us along on your journey. Alternative universe stories in many respects are easier to write than those who follow cannon in that the characters are who the author defines them and do not necessarily conform to the characters presented by The L Word. But it is more difficult in other respects in that the plot lines and relationships are the complete creation of the author. And since the reader has no idea of the history of the characters, the personality of the characters, then it is up to the author to reveal all in their writing. I do appreciate your efforts to create an interesting and lovable characters and plot lines. I look forward to your future works…. Thankyou for your hard work and your continued writing…

    3. Thanks for this great story. I’ll miss getting the updates, but will look forward to more of your stories.

      I love your words at the end – how Tina learned to cope with her mental illness and how Bette’s life has changed now that she’s a wife and mother.

    4. I have just re-read this, again!
      It’s is a truly amazing story and the way you’ve handled Tina’s MH was incredible. It showed you can get through anything with perseverance and love. What a great support Bette was, she was and is Tina’s rock. Sorry it’s ended but I can see your going from strength to strength. Love reading this, thankyou and looking forward to more ! Stay safe

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