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    Light Lunch

    Tina stood looking at the Planet’s menu, trying to decide what she wanted to eat. Bette stood beside her, with Xavier in his sling he was watching the world.

    “Wow, my sister and her family here at lunch time?” Kit said coming out of the kitchen smiling at her sister and her family

    “We had a doctors appointment so thought we’d come in for lunch,” Bette said

    “Everything okay?” Kit asked, looking at Xavier, who was grinning.

    “It was just a full medical check up for Ti,” Bette almost whispered.

    Tina smiled, she knew her wife just didn’t want her to be talked about it,

    “Everything is okay?” Kit address her question to Tina,

    Tina smiled at her sister-in-law.

    “I’m fine, it was a medical check up, to check my levels and to ensure my medication is working, it is. But I need to eat now,”

    “What would you like?”

    “I was looking at the hot roast beef sandwich with gravy.”

    “Coffee, tea or juice?”

    “Erm, tea and apple juice please.” Tina asked as she took sons hand.

    “I’ll have the chicken salad with a coffee please,” Bette asked as she looked around for a table,

    “Sure thing baby girl. Find a table and I’ll bring it over.”

    Bette and Tina found a table. Bette took Xavier out of his sling and passed him to Tina as they settled at the table. Tina playing with their son, the noise of the café fading away as she took the time to be with her son.

    Bette watched them, smiling she was proud that her family was here.

    “Bette Porter,” Bette looked up at Peggy Peabody.

    “Peggy Peabody,” Bette got up,

    “And the lovely Tina Kennard,” Peggy smiled at Tina,

    Tina looked up from Xavier,

    “Hello Ms Peabody, how are you?”

    “I’m good my dear, all the better for buying another one of your remarkable pieces.”

    “I’m glad you like it, I didn’t expect it to sell at all,” Tina said honestly kissing the top of her sons head.

    Peggy sat herself down at the table and looked at the couple. She had heard the rumours.

    “Can I be serious for a moment,” Peggy asked as their food arrived.

    “You can,” Bette said, smiling. She loved that her family were out.

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    1. Wow. There really are no words. The damage done by Alice and her evil evil evil evil words is unspeakable. Poor Tina can not even have an enjoyable lunch. How could Alice even approach them? How could Bette even speak to Alice? And Alice is behaving like a powder keg ready to blow – it’s all about Tina??? She clearly despises Tina. This is not over for sure. Thank goodness for Peggy. And for Kit. I do wish James was not running the gallery. Bette should try to be more of a presence. All of this only factors into the nasty rumor mill. I feel so bad for Tina. She should not have to take her cheese cake to go. This is Kit’s restaurant and Kit is Bette’s sister and Tina’s sister in law. They are a family. If Alice can’t behave she needs to find a new restaurant to haunt.

    2. Does Alice ever work? She is at the Planet no matter when Bette goes in there – morning, noon and night. Why would Alice even speak to Bette? Why could she not just observe from afar? What kind of idiot does that? And if you notice that an acquaintance’s spouse is not behaving as expected, why would you say anything at all? Unless they were about to collapse on the floor or going to harm someone, most people would say nothing. Why is Alice just now noticing that Tina is nervous around people. She has been around Tina multiple times. Alice is just so self centered that she fails to see that which is so obvious to everyone else in the world.

      Tina made an effort early in her and Bette’s relationship by giving a painting to Alice (as well as Shane and Kit) a painting she personally created for the purpose honoring Alice. Alice was present at Bette and Tina’s wedding on the rim of the Grand Canyon which was arranged all by Tina. Alice has been a welcomed guest in Tina’s home which she and Bette designed and had built. Tina and Bette are a lesbian couple who have a baby boy which did not happen by accident and was carried by Tina. If Alice knows anything about Bette and has seen how Bette has responded to any and all of these events, she should see how much Tina means to Bette and how much Bette means to Tina. Anything in which Alice says or does which does not show support and understanding of that relationship is friendship suicide. If I were Bette and Tina, I would tell Alice to stay away from them and their family. If she feels the need to commutate, send a text or a letter or an envoy. They would respond only if they thought it was appropriate.

      As to finding another place to have lunch as Zhenya suggest? Bette’s sister Kit owns The Planet. Its one of the few places that Bette and Tina can see Kit on an impromptu basis and keep their familial relationship alive. Bette and Tina should not give up this opportunity to see Kit simply because Alice is there. That gives Alice control of that aspect of their lives and that Bette will not allow that to happen. My suggestion is that Alice should find another place to hangout or resist the urge to go and speak to Bette or Tina.. One word from Bette, and Kit would barre Alice from coming in the door.

      There is an old saying: If you find your self in a hole, the first thing you do is stop digging. Alice is simply going crazy with her own shovel and not improving things even a little. What an idiot…. What does she possibly hope to accomplish?

      Thanks for this update…..

      • Excellent post. Alice needs to back off! Bette and Tina deserve to visit Kit at her restaurant and not have to worry about what Alice might do. And you are correct – she never leaves. No wonder gossip about Tina spread. Alice certainly does not suffer in silence. I doubt we have seen the last of her.

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